Friday, 1 October 2010

Super Tough Rugged Mobile Phones


Sorry for the late post. That's because I got a lot of reading to be done. This time is about mobile phones. Not just any mobile phones but SUPER TOUGH RUGGED MOBILE PHONE!

Yeah. You can guess it from the name. Mobile phones that is not just tough but can survive in the rough condition. Fall, thrown, hot, cold, you name it. Let me give an example of one of these device. Its made from a company known for its favour towards rugged mobile phone. I present to you, Sonim XP3 Sentinel.

Simple? Of course. Extremely durable? Absolutely. This phone can survive being submerge underwater for 30 minutes (1 metre deep). Seriously. I bet right now, you wouldn't even want to do that to your phone let alone being submerge underwater. Shock and scratch resistant Gorilla display which will now damage your phone if you made a boomerang out of it. It is suitable for workers in extreme condition as it has emergency GPS signal, salt, fog, humidity, transport shock and thermal shock resistant. This phone will also survive a 2 metre drop easily. It can operate at temperature ranges from -20 degree to 55 degree Celcius. Throw your phone right now and see if it can match this phone. Haha!

Not just Sonim are interested in such phones. Apparently Nokia and Samsung have join the fun. Like a proverb said, 'If you can't beat them, join them.'

Nokia introduces Nokia 5140i Rugged phones some times ago but it still can't match Sonim's expertise.

Samsung in the other hand is doing well with Samsung B2100, E2370 and E1130 but still no match for Sonim as well. They should stick to making better of those smartphones that they have rather than working on this one.

If you feel that you nearly break all the phones that you have been using from fallen off your hands or getting submerge in your coffee, get these kind of phones. I believe they won't break easily unless you ran over it with a car. Your job may require to get one of these. For construction workers or those working in the oil ramp, these phones is going to be helpful.

There you go. Hope that will help you getting phones that is durable enough to withstand your hectic lifestyle. See you next time. Thanks for reading.


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