Friday, 1 October 2010

Why Your Computer Becomes Slow


Have you ever wondered why does your computer ever suffered from lags and hangs? Does your computer happen to have motion sickness? Just joking. There seemed to be a lot of explanation for that and here, I will address the general and most common problems suffered by computer users like us.

1. Not enough space on the hard drive
Yes. You install everything like you just don't care and then BOOM! You got stuck. Too little space for your hard drive to breath. Have you seen a drive named C: where you always installed software and games. Usually, that is where you operating system installed. And for it to process stuff, it doesn't just eat your RAM but also your drive. Windows users using XP, Vista or 7 should have a total of minimum 80GB in their C: drive. When you install stuff, more things have to be process and eventually, you will not have enough space to run your software. You should have 10-15GB of free space for your computer to run efficiently.
Solution: Install stuff in other drives such as D: or E: if you have extra partition on your hardrive. This will reduce the processing in drive C: thus making your computer a little faster. When you didn't use any software, uninstall it from your C:. You don't want to keep any relics in your computer right. Save your document in another drive or external drive. This will not only make your computer faster but also saves your data whenever you need them.

2. Corrupted Hardisk
Yeah. Its like a disease. This is more of a hardware problems than software than I could explain. But to give you an example, imagine a DVD full of scratches on both sides. Its like that.
Solution: Run Scandisk to check whether your hardisk have any bad sector or not. The program also allow you to repair the corrupted sector. It is also good to run a disk defragmenter program. It will sort all the stuff in your hardisk into its proper place and might save some space for you.

3. Background Programs
You will never know unless you check it out. Your computer will sounds like a jet but there's nothing on your desktop. It might be worth to check out the running application. This is cause by startup application, auto update, spywares or viruses.
Solution: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Check the task manager and see which sunning application is eating up your memory. Just end that task. But be careful. Some programs should not be stopped unless you know what you are doing. Some are just auto-scan but you can stop that if you are doing your work and resume the auto-scan while you are free.

4. Hardware Malfunction
This is serious. Check your Device Manager if there's any conflict.

5. Out-of-date update
Basically, you don't update your computer often and some drivers might be prone to bug.
Solution: Update to the latest driver to get the best performance.

6. Overheating
Having significant heat will decreace you computer's performance thus reducing efficiency. This is mainly due to your computer did not have enough cooling hardware. Having it in a closed and damp room will also contribute to this problems.
Solution: Get a fan for your laptop or add more cooling system to your desktop.

7. Not Enough Memory
Right now having 1GB will not be enough as software are becoming too demanding in terms of memory. Even word processing memory and internet browser eats up your memory. Not to forget the games that you play and videos that you made. You need at least 2GB. Sometimes your RAM becomes too old and it was fried.
Solution: Buy new RAM for your computer.

8. Adware, Spyware, Virus, Worm
This is what usually happens when you surf the net without knowing what to surf (what the hell am I writing here?). These stuff will enter your computer and create havoc. Some virus came from your friends pendrive.
Solution: Surf the net safely with anti-spyware software turned on. Always scan your friends pendrive.

9. Registry Error
This is due to the registry in your computer. When you install stuff, the registry is installed too. But when you uninstall stuff, some still stays and disrupt the process of your computer.
Solution: Get CCleaner here and clean your registry. It can also remove temporary internet files, history and other stuff that might get it the way of smooth computing.

10. Its still slow!
Despite everything I have mentioned, your computer is still slow.
Solution: Buy a new one. Your computer must be quite old to keep up with the technology these days.

I hope that will help you people experiencing from slow computers. Thanks for reading.


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