Thursday, 28 October 2010

MSI N480GTX Lightning - World Fastest GPU


The best GPU in the world? Maybe. But with the specs enough to kill a normal computer, I guess its believable.

Introducing MSI N480GTX Lightning from MSI. And here are the features.

Key features
- 750 MHz Core and 1536MB GDDR5 4000MHz Memory
- High performance Power4 Architecture (16 Phase PWM on GTX 480, independant Memory Power, Copper MOS with 2x high current capacity, Proadlizer x4 to optimied power supply)
- Twin Frozr thermal solution, Twin Frozr III: Dual 9cm PWM Fans, SuperPipe Technology, Nickel-plated Copper bas, High-Density fins and Form-in-One Heatsinks
- Lightning Power Layer (LPL)
- Gold-plated Connectors

The price will be around $550 and expected to be in the Europe and Asia market later this year.

Imagine with two of this in your computer. Even one is more than enough. Two might make it out of control. But be careful, this thing also eats a lot of power. So make sure your Power Supply Unit (PSU) can fuel this thing.


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