Monday, 30 August 2010

How to make a Chocolate Cake


Hi people. Ever wondering how chocolate cake was made? No? Of course you never thought of that. You only think of filling your tummy with it. Nevermind. I made a video on how to make one. If you are interested, you can follow the recipe. And here's the video featuring Adam and Syaza.

Interested? Didn't get the recipe? Such a slowpoke. Well, here's the recipe.

1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour
3/4 cups of coco powder
2 cups of sugar
1 block of butter
1 teaspoon of vanilla essense
5 eggs
1 cup of condensed milk
1 bar of cooking chocolate
Chocolate rice 

You missed the procedure too? What an a-hole. Its either you're a slowpoke or you are suffering from a motion sickness. Here's the deal.

1. Sieve the self-raising flour and coco powder in a bowl.
2. Beat 1 1/2 cups of sugar with the butter until it is well mixed.
3. Add in a teaspoon of vanilla essence.
5. Add in 5 eggs. Two at a time with the mixed flour and coco powder.
6. Then put in a cup of condensed milk and beat it until it blends well with the other ingredients.
7. Put the mixture into a cake container and steam it for 45 minutes or until it is done.
8. Melt some cooking chocolate and pour on the cake when it's cold.
9. Decorate with some chocolate rice and it is ready to be served. 

There you go. Just keep in mind that this is for healthy and hardworking human who would want to improve their baking skills. If you are lazy, get some money in the drawer and head to the nearby store. A lot of choices for cakes.

Damn. Shouldn't have made this video. As people will only buy their cakes nowadays. Not to mention, cakes bought at the shop tastes better than this one. OMG! I love Secret Recipe and their Chocolate Indulgence. For RM6, it is quite cheap.

Thanks for watching. Until next time.


Mobile Phones Tips - What suits me?


Mobile phones. Oh, yeah. You read it right. No. Not the same as the one you use it at home though. This one can fit into your pockets without hassle and even wire-less. Before we go on choosing phones that suits you or your pocket, let us put the technology into their groups.

Basic Phones
Yup. This is the thing you crazed during the 90' and even 00'. The basic of the basic. Its too basic until you can't tell the difference between your mobile phone with your home phone. And not to forget, the ringtones are legendary. Remember how the old Nokia sounds like? With basic specs, it is all you need. Text and calls. That is what important. Not to forget the battery last like 2 days.

Unlike phones these days. These thing are not just epic, its also a relic from a forgotten realms! People who own this is usually those who put the function of the phones on top of its Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Their phones is ONLY for CALL and TEXT. Not to forget. The cheapest in the line.

Music Phones
Music? Phones? Okay, I got it. To avoid hassle, some just said,'I don't want to fill my pocket with mp3 player or Ipod. It doesn't fit.' Well, there you go. A music phone. Usually fitted with speakers so loud, it can blow your head after listening to it for about a minute! It also comes with a user friendly music player interface so that you won't suffer from searching your songs in your phones.

Who uses this kind of phones? Wanna know? Those who put music, on top of their needs. That means, call and text can come later in the game. Despite the function, it is still one of people's favourite due to its sound quality. Hey there, our party need some music. Can you turn on your phones?

Camera Phones
Camera? Or phone? Damn. Hard choices. No joke but cameraphone is one of the top selling phones at one time. People only see the big MEGAPIXELS of the camera rather than the quality. For them, higher megapixels means higher quality. No way bird-brain. The quality of a picture came from several factors like lighting, sensor size, aperture and blablabla. But seriously, there is a need when you need a snap from your phone such as when you see a car hit a truck at the nearby coffee shop. Yeah! Snap and record it. Up to Youtube and made millions of views.

Usually cameraphones doesn't comes cheap and it had like 5, 8 or even 12 megapixels. Basic phones nowadays even have a 5 megapixel snapper. Technology does go insane right? People buy this stuff because they feel like they can save money by not having a digital camera. 'I can take pics with my phones! Yeah! I'm happy!' Yeah right. When the phone broke, so does the camera. Got it?

Smart? I look better than my phones! Actually smartphones just means that it does more than just normal calling and texting. Not just that, with tonnes of stuff on it, it can drive you insane! Wifi, internet browsing, video editor, planner, diary, gaming. If I were to name it all, I would die before I achieve that. Its unbelievable how smartphones is getting the monopoly in the market despite its high price. Before you know it, there maybe a phone that can make coffee for you and babysit your baby.

Only 1 word to describe people that buy this fancy technology. RICH. Poor people got no chance. Seriously, I'm not making fun of poor people but that's the truth. This kind of fancy technology is only for the one with big bucks. Not to forget, some poor people can get this stuff too. The purpose? To show-off! Haha! For me, I find smartphones confusing and just another propaganda to get people to work their sweat off.

Phones for you?
Tell me how much you got in your wallet and I'll let you know what suits you. Haha! Just saying. But seriously, if your life is like hanging to the phones for text and call, your better get the basic mobile phone. The reason for it is because it's lifespan is longer than the others. It will survive being dropped, thrown, smashed and toilet-dive. You might want to put aside music and cameraphones. Smartphones is for those businessman on the go. Like checking the stock market, getting shortest route to the shopping mall via GPS and update your Facebook status.

Your money is the one you need to keep your eye on too. Despite having the best phones that suits you, money talks. No money, no talk (I've heard that somewhere before). Before you start buying a new phones, better get the feel. I you have a friend that have the phone, borrow it overnight. Taste it, feel it. If you like it, then buy it. If your friend doesn't have any, just do some research about it. Read what people write when they use it.

See you in the next post.


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Travelling Tips


How you're doing? Guess its great. No? Go eat some shit. This time, its about travelling tips.

You know some of us thinks that its okay to prepare stuff last minute because our brain will be 'working hard' to get all stuff in the bag. That's bullshit. There are several things that need to be done before you go off.

Before leaving
- Documents such as passport, visa, initerary, hostel bookings. Yeah. Get it right or else you will end up in North Pole.
- Place to go - Better to plan where to go plus the routes. Don't want to get lost while having fun.
- Less is more. Never bring too much clothes. Recycle. You might want to think about the souvenirs.
- Never leave your passport in your luggage. You will meet your doom.
- Remove old luggage tags to avoid confusion. If you still wanna brag, video yourself ripping it off and say, 'I've been to Thailand'.
- Personal stuff should be in your hand luggage. Which one? Your toothbrush and underwear!

While travelling
- Drink a lot. Dead man ain't going anywhere.
- Try to walk a lot during travelling. Ease your legs as well as your butt from sitting for a long time.

When you arrive
- Red alert at all time. Travellers are easy prey for pickpockets. Bite them before they bite you!
- Calling abroad is a no-no. Waste it on food or souvenirs.
- Get a legal taxi with license and all documents. You might become the next kidnapping victim if you just jump in any taxi.
- Carry a dummy wallet with note inside saying 'F**K Y*U'. It will save you and made the thief suffer from shame. The best is to keep your passport and money in your underwear.
- Never leave your bags. Hug it on an hourly basis. Even bags need some love.

Others you might consider...
- Group travelling is fun. The more, the merrier. You can always ask someone to take your picture. And you can grab some of his lunch too! Haha!
- First aid kit - Bad luck always comes unnoticed. Better beware.
- Comfy shoes. Definitely not high heels. Flip flops is nice in summer.

There you go. Long list for you to revise. Just another word of advice, ENJOY!


Internet Tablet - Do you really need them?


Hi there. This time, its about internet tablet. You know, those things that looks like a piece of plywood and cost around £700. You don't? It looks something like this.

Yeah. Like that. Up there is an Apple Ipad. Yeah. Its a pad. and believe me. Its not like pad your girlfriend use on a monthly basis. This one doesn't suck blood from your girl's p***y and it doesn't come cheap. Hell yeah. Cost around £700 on a piece of this. It looks like toy for the rich. Damn.

Okay, now is the deal. Many claims that there are advantages from using this pad. Such as:

1. Save Print Media
What? Save? Money is printed media too!! Sometimes it have some random chic's phone number! Haha! Okay, I do convinced that it does save paper but this thing cost more than paper! In fact, it cost more than 2 years worth of newspaper! But, what the heck. This thing does a little in saving paper (but not in your wallet) by having e-Book and newspaper online. However, I'm still not conviced on how this thing can save paper.

2. Cheaper than laptop
This is another bullshit that those at Apple throw as a propaganda to the people. It is clear cut than you can get a laptop at around £200 and even £150 (if you're lucky in eBay). You paid a lot of bucks for this piece of plastic and what do you get? Not even a keyboard! At £700, you can get a super-laptop using Intel i7 processor that surpasses the speed of normal computing! Besides, the reason you get a laptop is for things like word processing and sometimes slide show. Cheap? Not for me though.

3. Style
Girls don't look at you when you bring out the Apple Ipad. They only look at your money, you a-hole! Besides, where is the style when you are walking around with a big piece of PAD? That ain't no style! Not to forget the suffering when it got stolen. Hehe.

That's enough I think. But there's like million, no, billions of reason not to buy the internet tablet.

Not Buying?
1. Laptop Wins
Yeah. Laptop does win. Big time. Its like, there's no way I will be spending £700 on a piece of those. Compared to laptop, you can get USB, LAN port, DVD drive, audio in/out, card reader and a webcam. Not just that, if you get a £700 laptop, the laptop will be like super-speed-plus-powerful laptop. Touchscreen is not needed. Keyboard is much more safer. Imagine the touchscreen is broken, that's bye-bye to your tablet.

2. Safety
You got it. Safety first. Don't you feel threatened when you are holding a piece of £700 single-handedly? Drop it and there goes your money. Haha! Serves you! Besides easily dropped, thieves will be eyeing on you when you get your tablet in the public. That's because you look rich (poor wins).

3. Function
The function of the tablet? Surfing the internet in style. That's all. Compared to a laptop, tablet is useless. Seriously. No kidding. Wait. Is that my mom video-calling me? Yeah. Hello mom! Yeah, I can see you! Haha!

There. Thinking of a tablet? Forget it. You can save it buying Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or even Nintendo Wii. Or even better, get yourself a 50" HDTV for around £700. Then you can enjoy watching stuff off your laptop in a bigger screen. Sounds tempting? It is.

That's all for now.


Video Editing Software


Hi folks. This time I will share with you guys a video editing software that I use to edit my videos. Its a simple software but don't compare me to MysteryGuitarMan or RayWilliamJohnson. I'm not legendary like them. However, If you want to be a legend, you can try this software.

Its called Pinnacle Studio 14 HD. With tonnes of special effects and what-kind-of-what-shit in there, you will be able to edit videos for your wedding or your children's birthday party! The video below is the one that I made with the software. Its a teaser and trailer for the Malaysian Festival 2010 in my university.

So, what do you think? Quite nice? No? So what?

Ok, as you can see, there's like millions of effect in the trailer. Snow falling, montage and balblabla. I f you are interested in them, why don't you try this software? I won't give you the link to download them. Just look for yourself dip-shit. I don't support piracy. Got it? Damn. Screw you!

If you are interested in it, you can head to:

The web offers a lot of stuff regarding video editing effect, softwares, add-on and more. Buy the original and support the stuff. It's just around £99.

Alright, now is for the important part. The specification of your computer if you are going to take on video editing. I know you can do simple videos with Windows Movie Maker. But video editing software such as Pinnacle and Adobe are just so demanding in terms of software. I will laid down the basic requirements first.

Video Editing Requirements.

1. Operating system (OS)
Any Windows will work fine but in my opinion, Windows XP is the best choice since it is less memory-soncuming compared to other OS. The next will be Windows 7 (I'm not promoting any product here).

2. Processor
It will be Intel i7 970! No, I'm just kidding. Having the best in the category will be fine. The minimum I believe will go well with video editing software is Intel Pentium 4300. It's like Intel Pentium 4 in the old days. Having better processor means faster process while using the software such as rendering the video.

3. Memory (RAM)
You should have the minimum of 1GB of RAM. Seriously. Undoubtedly. For me, having even 2GB is not enough. But 1GB will be enough if you are amateur and did not process too much videos. Right now I'm on 4GB but I still feel the slowness. Damn you technology for making me suffer. Some goes for the max 24GB of RAM. I think that's a little too far.

4. Video Memory
In this case, there are two kinds of graphic processing hardware. Integrated or external. External doesn't mean that the graphic card is outside of your computer but it just mean that it is not in the motherboard of your computer. For integrated, it's best to have around 1GB of video memory. I'm not making shit but integrated video memory is not the best for video editing. Its better if you are using external such as Nvidia or ATI Radeon. But if you are on external, 256Mb or 512Mb is quite good.

5. Hard Drive
Your hardisk and not your hard-d**k! 1 advice is enough. The more, the better. You better leave around 20Gb of free space to be safe. Keep this in mind because some video editing save file just goes on to the whooping 7Gb just for 1 save file! That's what I'm suffering from. If you have around 250Gb of space, you are on the safe side. I think.

6. Display Resolution
Better than 800x600. That is safe. Nowadays, it's normal to have like 1024x768. Having lower resolution will forbid you from viewing your videos in its highest quality. Bare in mind that HD is 1280x720.

7. Direct X
If you are not sure, get it from Microsoft website. Having the latest DirectX 10 will be good enough for you. It is just another display software needed to show stuff from your computer.

8. Other
Connection such as USB 2.0, Firewire, LAN port and all those necessary stuff. Audio in and out. DVD drive. All those normal stuff on your computer be it laptop or desktop.

My laptop right now is just nice to create videos and even HD videos. And here's the specs.

My Specs
- Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
- Intel Core i5 M520 2.40GHz
- 4Gb of memory (RAM)
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 1Gb (2736Mb combined)
- 320Gb Hard drive
- Display 1366x768
- Direct 10

Got them all? Don't worry if your computer is not up to it. You can run the software just fine. It's just the matter of fast or slow.

Good luck in your video editing!


Impossible Goal


Hi there folks. Gotta use English this time though I'm just trying to improve my BM.

Whatever. Today's video is about impossible goal done in a video game. This kind of goal have been succeeded by Roberto Carlos. You can check out the goals on youtube. Just type 'Roberto Carlos impossible goal' and you'll get to it.

I've managed to get this by playing FIFA World Cup 2010 on my Wii. Just check it out.

Ain't that great? Am I good or what? Yeah right. I'm just bragging about myself. But who can manage this kind of goal anyway?

However, thanks for watching. Check out my next post.


Friday, 27 August 2010

Cara mencuci kamera DSLR


Jika anda memiliki kamera digital SLR, anda perlu menonton video ini.

Pengacara rancangan ini adalah seorang artis terkemuka dan beliau juga sering menjalankan aktiviti fotografi secara komersial di dalam dan luar negara.

Saksikanlah, Azar di dalam rancangan, Bagaimana mencuci kamera DSLR.

Terima kasih diucapkan kepada saudara Azar di atas kesudiannya memaklumkan kepada rakyat Malaysia tentang cara mencuci kamera DSLR.

Semoga kita berjumpa lagi di lain waktu, di masa yang sama.



Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sony SLT A55/A33 dan Stop-motion video


Dunia fotografi tidak asing lagi di zaman sekarang dengan kamera digital SLR mampu dimiliki ramai orang kerana harganya yg murah.

Perkembangan teknologi kamera digital SLR juga semakin hebat sehingga ada model terkini yang mampu merakam video sehingga Full HD 1080. Tetapi saya tetap rasa kebolehan mengambil video tidak perlu ada pada kamera digital SLR. Namanya kamera untuk ambil gambar, maka tidak perlulah video. Malah, jika kamera ini selalu digunakan untuk merakam video, sensornya akan cepat panas dan rosak.

Sony telah mengeluarkan Sony SLT A55 & A33 dengan teknologi terbaru iaitu translucent mirror. Apa yang dimaksudkan disini ialah kebanyakan kamera mempunyai cermin yang memantulkan semula cahaya untuk mendapatkan aperture yang lebih baik tetapi teknologi ini membenarkan sebahagian besar cahaya melepasi cermin dan msuk ke sensor. Ini tidak bermakna kualiti aperturenya kurang tetapi pantulan pada sensor dari cahaya yang melepasi cermin itu mampu meningkatkan exposure dan aperture. Selain itu, ia juga mengekalkan 15-point focus semasa dalam exposure.


Saya selalu membaca tentang teknologi dan saya merasakan ini ialah kali pertama Sony mengeluarkan produk yang lebih baik daripada sebelumnya. Sebelum ini, boleh dikatakan Sony hanya mampu mengeluarkan produk yang dinaiktaraf daripada produk sebelumnya tetapi kali ini, mereka dapat berbangga dengan A55 & A33.

Jika kamu berminat untuk membuat video tetapi hanya mempunyai kamera digital SLR, kamu boleh membuat video stop-motion di mana kamu akan mengambil setiap pergerakan dengan gambar dan menjadikannya video. Kamu kurang faham? Tidak mengapa. Sila lihat video dibawah ini untuk memahaminya.

Agak menarik kan? Ini mampu dilakukan oleh kamera digital SLR yg biasa atau kamera compact. Ia akan menjadi lebih menarik jika kamu melakukannya dengan memasang kamera pada tripod supaya gambar tidak akan bergerak-gerak. Video diatas dihasilkan daripada 2600 gambar. Jika anda mahu yang lebih hebat, buat la sampai sejuta. Mesti halus pergerakannya.

Semoga kamu mampu membuat stop-motion yang hebat dengan menggunakan kamera kamu.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

PC Games: Rhythm Zone (HF)


Ni ade game best. Namanya Rhythm Zone. Kalau anda suka game muzik, game ini amat sesuai untuk anda. Saksikan preview game ini di bawah.

Anda boleh menggunakan mp3 anda sendiri dan main lagu ape pon anda suke.

Untuk mendapatkan game ini, sila klik link di bawah.


Lagu Rasmi IPG Malaysia


Lagu-lagu patriotik x pernah nk same genre ngan lagu2 mainstream. Tp aku tetap suka jgk.

Baru-baru ni, aku terdengar lagu IPG (Institut Pendidikan Guru) Malaysia versi baru. Agak menarik sbb mampu menarik minat saudara2 yg mendengarnya. Lepas dengar lagu ni, trus nk daftar jadi cikgu.

Dengarkan, alunan suara Encik Yusri dan pasukan koir, LAGU RASMI IPG MALAYSIA!!

Terasa nk jadi cikgu? Silakan melawat,




Azar dan Shidi merupakan dua orang penghidap penyakit BOSANOPHOBIA. Mereka ni, kalo bosan, mesti nk buat sumthing yang aneh.

Semalam saya berkesempatan merakam aksi mereka ketika mereka sedang asyik dengan aktiviti mereka.

Saksikanlah Azar dan Shidi - Bosan.

Kita doakan mereka tidak merana daripada penyakit bosan yg semakin kronik.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Laptop Rosak


Laptop atau lebih dikenali dgn nama komputer riba tidak semestinya dibeli dgn menggunakan sistem riba. Riba yg dimaksudkan di sini adalah tidak lain iaitu riba atau paha anda sendiri. Persoalannya, mengapa mesti dinamakan komputer riba?

Di sini saya hidangkan anda dgn satu lg video tentang seorang saudara kita yg masih trauma disebabkan oleh laptopnya yg sudah rosak. Sama-sama kita doakan agar derma kilat dapat dilakukan supaya dapat mengurangkan beban saudara kita yg kurang bernasib baik ini.

Nampaknya beliau gembira dengan kegagalan laptopnya berfungsi. Adakah beliau gembira sbb nnt akan dpt laptop baru atau itu hanya aksi 'cover macho' untuk cik Lisa? Sama-sama kita renungkan dan selamat beramal.


Kayu Ria


Cepatnya masa berlalu. Memg la cepat. Aku x buat apa2. Of cos rasa cpat.

Seperti tajuk yg tertera di atas, Kayu Ria ialah lagu yg didendangkan oleh pasukan 5forty2. Oleh sbb lagu tu best, member aku pon cadang la soh buat video untuk lagu tu. Aku memg suke lagu tu. Dgr je trus trbayang music video die.

Tanpa berlengah-lengah, malam tu aku ngan kwn2 laen trus record part2 trtentu untuk video and create video untuk lagu tu. Lame jgk nk buat sume tu. Ade la dlm 7 jam aku buat. Akhirnya, alhmdulillah. Siap jgk. Sama2 kita saksikan music video - Kayu Ria daripada pasukan 5forty2.

Terima kasih kepada Azar sbb kasi idea nk buat video ni. Thanks to Shidiey sbb jd model dlm video ni. Tidak lupa juga kepada Ika sbb prepare sahur kt kami.

Tahniah diucapkan kepada pasukan 5forty2 kerana berjaya membuat lagu yg hebat.