Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review of 2011


Hoyeah everyone. Its the last day of the year and I bet none of you are not happy to get into 2012. Or you do? Anyhow, for the special day, I will review what's happening around my life in 2011. Let's get the ball rolling!

I came out fresh from the UK fridge and guess what, I got 3 days at home before going back to college. I admit it's very taxing. Damn it. Jet lag was quite a problem since I have not been sleeping properly. Let's move on the the best part. Chinese New Year celebration at college. Cool. Why? Cos I'm taking photos and videos. Click here to see the performance videos by awesome IPG KBA students. Then comes Ponggal celebration. Hoho. You can see Mr. Mano getting excited this time around. Hahaha! A friend of mine, Aisyah got married in the same month. Congratulations! Guess nothing much took place in January. Everyone are busy preparing themselves. I also realised there's a lot of juniors from Borneo.

Valentine's months is quite a boring one. Nothing much took place and I got bored. Let's move on.

My first medal after coming back from the UK. There's this Women Sports Carnival that took place in my college and the only thing that excites me is the 5K running events. Well, I never thought of winning but after placing a lot of effort, I end up third with 11 minutes and 44 seconds. Click here to read more on the events. After that, I head to Alor Star for the weekends. That place sure changed a lot since I left it. Then it comes to the day where I joined the convocation as one of the committees. Basically we just collect tickets and show the guest their seats. SPM results coming out the same month.

April Fool! Damn Shit. This time around, I went to Port Dickson, to help around with BIG for French students. Together with Denish, Mun Ting and Mr. Tahir, we did enjoy ourselves. Well it doesn't end there. Sports Day was just around the corner and I was appointed House Captain. It was hell. But I hope I does help everyone. I got 3 gold medals from my favourite events which are 400M, 800M and 1500M. I broke my own records for the former and latter thus bringing home the Athlete of The Year Award. Mr. Tahir's retirements was next and I was so sad to see him leave the office. And thats all for April

What's in May? I know. Its SAN birthday! Happy birthday dear! Juniors had their play titled A Midsummer Night's Dream which was the same story as my cohort had done in 2007. It was great and I had it all recorded. There's also some kids from SK Jeroco, Sabah which came around this month on a programme conducted by our KPLI 2006 senior. Not forgetting that during this time around, I got my final exam. The last one for my degree year.

Holidays and yes. The start of my practicum life. My first. And I'm excited. Methodist Girl School, Brickfield became my first school and I have to agree, it has ups and downs. Basically some individuals who kept on f***ing us up from day one. Other teachers were cool and helpful but there's also some who tried to take advantage of us. And they failed. HAHAHA! My uncle from Bintulu came for his convocation in PWTC.

I'm on my practicum so there's nothing to brag about. Yeah. Got a new lens for my camera. Its Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD ASPHERICAL (IF). So sharp. So awesome. Not just that, Borneo Night is next and I handled medley dancers for the male and also magunatip. In the quest for bamboo, I got a call from my dad. And it goes like this.

Me: Ayah, ada buluh x? (Dad, do you have some bamboos)
Ayah: Berapa lori abang nak? (How many lorries of bamboos would you like?)

Yes, It was at the same time where my dad got a lot of bamboos to build his chicken coop. I head to Tanjung Malim with Florinta and we gather some bamboo, then we head back to IPBA. Nice durian right, Florinta? BTW, Borneo Night was a success. Thanks to everyone.

MERDEKA! Yeah right. Bring that to next months. It was Eid and everyone went home. I felt sorry for those who didn't make it home. Huuuu. Well. Outdoor photoshoot with family is not bad.

National Day celebration? Yezza. Got it all and I've also made a video dedicated to our country. Also the last of my practicum.

First was KARAK at IPIS. Guess this year was not as happening as last year though. No offense people, just saying the truth. Closed Badminton Tournament among IPBArians was held and Hikhmah won. Congrats. TESL Night was right after. Can't say no. And my roommate, Ibrahim won the best dress award. Awesome bro. After training for a few months, I guess I'm ready. Head to Sabah for the 25th Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon. My first time joining and I brought home a medal with 4H 21M 40S. Thanks a lot to Uncle Menuil, Auntie Felicia, Fazdilla and SAN for helping me out in Sabah. And also thanks for taking me to nice place around Ranau. Not to forget my friends who helped me out in KK, Bet, Nurul, Irwin, Baim, Chu & Bina. You are awesome. And also Pakteh and Makteh. Mira & Asha as well.

Cocurricular Day? To give out awards to students who made great achievement in cocurricular fields. I got Anugerah Khas - Tokoh Kecemerlangan Kokurikulum Lelaki (Special Award - Male Cocurricular Excellence Icon). Thanks a lot. Head to I-city Shah Alam with SAN, Yong & Diba. Had a great time with awesome shots. Officially with SAN on the 11th of November. Great timing.

My cousin got married. Congrats Kak Ain & Abang Solihin. Other than that, I waste time until next year.

Guess that's all that took place in 2011. Hope 2012 will be more happening.


Friday, 30 December 2011

Gadgets for Sale!


Today I just shipped my customer's bundle of Magic: The Gathering cards. Hope it will arrive safely tomorrow. But I still have some items that I would like to sell to anyone interested. Here they are.

1. Canon EOS 1000D + Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR LD ASPHERICAL (IF)  [RETRACTED]

- This camera was bought in the UK in October 2010.
- Shutter count (SC) is around 14k.
- Still in good condition.
- Free 8GB SD card.
- No kitlens but comes with an awesome Tamron 17-50.
- The lens' bokeh is awesome and very sharp.
- Comes with rear cap and UV filter.
- Misplace the front lens cap while packing things. Will post when I found it.
- Selling at RM1400 nego.

2. Canon IVIS HF S11 64GB FullHD Camcorder  [SOLD]

- This baby was bought in the UK in May 2010.
- Awesome condition. 5 stars. Make it 10 stars.
- Great 64GB internal memory. Capture up to 32 hours of videos.
- Snap 8 Megapixel photo while recording.
- Come with extra gift. Carrying bag, UV filter, front lens cap, extra battery, wide angle + macro lens & camera cleaning kit.
- Selling at RM2200 nego.

Well readers, if you're interested, you cal SMS me at 0one3-3one7eight4six7 or email me at

I can post it to you or we can meet up to view the items.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Daily Photo #132


Here's a shot at Sungai Buloh Hospital, Selangor. Guess which camera I've used for this shot.