Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fujifilm FinePix HS10


Have you heard about Fujifilm before? I mean like years ago? Yeah. The time when we still use film camera. Man. That was old. But not to forget, they are one of the pioneer in photography and I have to respect that fact. Apparently I came across this semi-pro camera which one of their product called Fujifilm FinePix HS10. Check it out.

The features on this camera really stands out I can't wait to post it on my blog and tell everyone about it. First of all, the Triple Image Stabilization which combine stabilization from CMOS Shift, High ISO and Hyper Digital Image Stabilization. This will allow you to take picture in low light and at 30 times optical zoom without any worry.

High Speed Continuous Shooting is another feature that allows you to take pictures at full 10 megapixel resolution for 7 continuous frame at 10 frame per second. Not just that, if you let the camera works on the auto, it will choose the best picture for you. Not just pictures, the camera is also capable of recording super-high speed recording at the max 1000 frame per second!

There is also Motion Panorama that allows you to capture panorama photos and the camera will stitch them together before it shows it to you. Motion Remover is another feature that allow you to take flawless image without any passerby walking in front of your camera. It will take 5 picture continuously and delete any unwanted motion in the picture. Nice? Hell yeah. Multi motion capture is another creative technology installed in the camera where you can put multiple photos of you in one picture.

Target autofocus will allow you to focus on the subject even while the object is moving at a fast rate. Even while at full 30 time optical zoom, tracking Autofocus will still be able to focus on the subject while it is still in the frame.

Let me brief on the specs. This camera has 30 times optical zoom which is equivalent to 24mm - 720mm on a 35mm format. It can record 1080p HD video at 30 frame per second, it shoots RAW pictures, great macro (1cm), flip out screen, ISO until 6400 and super fast shutter (1/4000). The only things that it lacks here is the battery, where it still uses alkaline AA battery which you can find in your TV remote control. But I find it to an advantage where you don't have to worry about battery as it is being sold nearly everywhere. And if your rechargable battery is dead, you can buy another one at a nearby store. This saves you the hassle to buy the specific battery for your camera.

I hope that helps you. Thanks for reading. And thanks to my girlfriend, Ika for introducing this camera to me. You can check out her blog here. That's it for now.


Monday, 27 September 2010

Do you need a DSLR or semi-pro or compact camera?


Wow, I'm now in the middle of writing my dissertation but my urge to get this blog going is really into me right now. As the title suggest, do you need a DSLR, semi-pro or compact camera? Are you not sure of what this is all about? All right, let me brief you a little.

DSLR Camera

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. It is a big (seriously) and consists of two main parts to ensure its working which are the body and the lens. Without these two together, forget about taking any pictures. The lens need to be attached to the body before you can use it. The DSLR can also be attached with a flash unit that will give you extra light on your photos.

Semi-pro Camera (Bridge Camera)

Semi-pro camera is a camera with fixed lens which means, you can't change it. It function as much as a DSLR and easier to take care. Usually it looks big like a DSLR but it is not. Some can be attached with an external flash or tele-converter. Sometimes it is called bridge camera as it stands in the middle between compact camera and DSLR.

Compact Camera
The name does it all. Its compact, the lens, the flash, the memory, its there. Plus, it can fit into your pocket. Since it is compact, it lacks all the manual control compared to semi-pro or DSLR.

Now is for the core question of the day. Do you really need them? If you do, which one? And for what?

DSLR. You want to invest more on photography. Get this beast. With a wide range of lenses and accessories, having a DSLR allow you to experience photography to the max! People with creative photography skill might like this kind of camera since it has all the manual control for you to test. If you think it's too big, skip reading this part. DSLR takes the best picture among all the three types of camera. with large sensor, it can absorb more light and the photos you took will look sharp and vibrant. Price? The cheapest you can get is around £300. The max? Don't ask. It's better to get the good one together with all accesories rather than the expensive one without any accessories.

Semi-pro. You like taking beautiful pictures with all the manual controls but you hate spending more money on your camera. Take this one. Once you buy it, there's no turning back. Suitable for students as it is able to record videos apart from taking pictures. More durable than a DSLR as no caring need to be done. Cheap? Not really. But with optical zoom that beats even DSLR, I have to agree with the price. The cheapest will be around £200 and the max will be around £400.

Compact. You think photography is not important. Get this one. Yeah. Super-small size allow you to fit it in your pocket. Lack manual controls. Pictures not very nice. But at least it can take pictures. Girls love this camera as they can put it in their handbag without hassle. Some even have water-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof technology. Hope they will make one with bullet-proof technology. The cheapest will be around £50 and the max is around £200. Get this one if you're lazy to take pictures.

There you go. I would like to write more on this but my assignments is due tomorrow. Gotta finish this by morning. Hope this will help you. Thanks for reading.


Nikon D7000


There's 1 friend of mine talking about Nikon D7000. At first, I thought it was just another bullshit coming into the photography world. But it is different when I view it. I present to you, Nikon D7000.

The latest digital SLR from Nikon at it stands (supposed to) between the professional Nikon D300S and the prosumer Nikon D90.

Imaging on this camera is full of raw power as it has 16.2 megapixel image sensor and latest EXPEED 2 image processing engine, it does the same stuff with Nikon D90 (continuous shooting frame rate, noise level,  Active D-lighting and high ISO) but with less power consumption. ISO from 100 to 6400 and it can reach maximum 25600. Isnt' that awesome? Not to forget the Active D-lighting technology that helps overcome exposure problems.

For those not very good at setting, the camera will do it for you. With Scene Recognition System, you will always (I hope) get the best setting. Getting the wrong focus? This camera comes with 39 high-density focus point and you can adjust it normally or let the camera does the job for you. Not just that, with 6 frame per second continuous shooting, you can take up to 100 shot non-stop. OMG!

Scared you camera ever broke? This one is not. Made from 1 piece of magnesium alloy, weather and dust won't be a problem at all. Memory full? Since when? With two slot for SD memory and support of SDXC, you will never be at loss. The shutter unit can last until 150,000 and I guess by that time, new camera will capture your mind. Quiet shutter allow pictures to be taken with less sound from the camera. You don't want to scare the birds aren't you? Battery will not be a problem as the newly developed battery can last until 1050 shots. Liveview available will help you in situations when your eye can't fit the optical viewfinder.

Full HD (1920x1080) at 24p is gorgeous. It lets you apply all the manual setting on the camera to capture your video. While other people puts flash on their camera, why don't you put an external microphone? The different one always stands out. Movie editing on the camera is lame with limited function. Better do it on your computer. HDMI connectivity is one of the feature the camera has to offer.

Right now, the current price for this camera is around £1200 but maybe it will get lower in a few months time. Who knows? I'm just saying.

Thanks for reading about this post. Thanks to Azar for introducing this camera to me. You can check out his blog here. See you next time.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Best 10-pin Split Ever!


Have you ever played bowling? Yeah, the one where you have to pay several bucks to get your hand into. The one with 10 pin standing, waiting for you to strike them. Yeah. That's the one. But it gets really frustrating when you get a gutter or even a split. What's a split? It's something like this.

Get it? At this stage, you just pray hard that you will be able to get both pin down. But somehow, I manage to get both down. Just check out this video.

You see that? Am I good or what? Haha! Just kidding. Its on the Wii. Of course I can do it.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend.


Friday, 24 September 2010

Canon SX30 IS


Canon have its latest semi-pro Powershot digital camera on the line and this time, its Canon SX30 IS.

The best part of the camera? You bet. Its the 35 times optical zoom which defeats all of the competitor from Nikon, Sony as well as Fujifilm. Obviously, with that much zoom, the need for a tripod is unavoidable.If any of you reading this own a digital SLR, bare in mind that this much of zoom is equivalent to 24 - 840mm lens (the most you can get from telephoto is around 500).

Besides the 35 times ultra-wide angle zoom, Canon also equip this little beast with Optical Image Stabilizer (4.5-stop), USM VCM. With 14 megapixel CCD sensor, even pimples will be clear on the screen. Not to forget the DIGIC 4 image processor with ISAPS technology will allow you to capture vibrant colours of your shots. The 6.8cm LCD with vari-angle allow you to capture yourself and your moments without disturbing any passerby.

Want to shoot High Definition (HD) videos? Yes, it will do it for you for 1280x720 at 30fps. With HDMI connectivity, enjoying your silly act and stupid pictures of passerby on your HDTV won't be a hassle.

For the full specs of the camera, click here.

Since this is a semi-pro camera, you will not be expecting to invest more on the camera. Compared to digital SLR, the most that you probably need is a tripod. But seriously, this beast seem able to compete with some entry-level DSLR. with 14 megapixel, HD video recording and 35 times optical zoom, it seems like a champion.

The market price for this camera is around £350 but if you eBay this stuff, you can get it for £320 from China (2 weeks waiting time).

That's all about it this time. See you in the next post.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Top 5 Gadget Wishlist


Totally into gadget? Yes, I am. But money stands in the way of getting them. Yeah right. Here I will list the top 5 gadget that gets into my wishlist right now.

5. Canon EOS 1000D

A digital SLR? OMG? Not again. But this is one of the gadget that I really loved to have. The camera is well equipped with Live View shooting, DIGIC III image processor as well as SDHC media storage.

Not having the capabilities to shoot videos is not a problem because I got my Canon IVIS HF S11 that shoots HD video at 24MBps max. This camera is also one of the best as it doesn't use Compact Flash memory because I have really bad experience using compact flash. You got all the manual control on the camera and it scores a higher mark compared to entry level DSLR from Nikon and Sony.

With the cheapest on the line from Canon, I do think it is the best for beginners (like me). It's not like I'm not interested into Canon 5D Mk II or Nikon D90 but I think as long as the camera does the job, it will be fine. The price? Around £200-300.

4. Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition

Not the processor only! I mean a laptop or desktop that has one of this. Seriously, I'm stunned by the speed.  It's like a Blackbird flying at top speed! With 12MB L3 Cache, do you really need more?

3. Dyson Air Multiplier

A fan without a fan blade. Yeah. You don't believe me? Seriously, its not even magic to begin with. It's physics. Invented by Sir James Dyson, the physics around the fan is really awesome. It uses compressed air and shoot it out from a super-small-plus-narrow hole thus multiplying the air 18 times than conventional fan. It's too awesome, I can't wait to have one of this. But maybe I can keep on dreaming. Who knows?

2. Sony Playstation 3

I agree. Gaming is part of our life. But I particularly interested in PS3 compared to Microsoft Xbox 360 is because of the modchip. We all know that these consoles have been modded to play backup games. But the Xbox 360 requires one to burn the game onto a DVD, then play it on the console. Different on the PS3 where it uses a USB modchip that allow gamers to copy games into internal or external drive. Which means, easier to access the games without the hassle of burning those games onto the DVD. Plus, you save money and space as you don't have to purchase and keep the DVD around the house. I bet you will love PS3.

1. Samsung Galaxy S i9000

A smartphone which is too smart, other people will envy you when you use it. The ultimate reason for the phone? The 4 inch 480x800 pixel Super AMOLED widescreen capacitive touchscreen. It's the second Samsung phone equipped with Super AMOLED technology and maybe the last of its kind as Samsung started to use Super TFT to replace the Super AMOLED.

It houses 1Ghz ARM Cortex A8 'Hummingbird' processor , 512MB of RAM, 8GB memory, 5 megapixel camera (plus front-facing VGA), and PowerVR  SGX 540 graphic processor. Currently, it is running Android 2.1 and expected to get 2.2 by the end of October 2010. Besides that, another thing this phone has to offer that other smartphones can't compete is the Bluetooth 3.0 and Divx HD support.

Right now, this is one of the best smartphones in the world. And I like it very much.

That's all the Top 5 Gadget wishlist from me. See you next time.


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kebodohan orang di Internet


Sedar atau tidak, ramai juga pengguna internet yang bodoh lagi tidak mengetahui. Dan saya dapat menjumpai seorang daripada ramai orang yang bodoh di internet. Namanya Nitemancometh. Kesnya? Menyatakan bahasa Melayu ialah bahasa Turki. Mari kita saksikan video di bawah untuk mengetahuinya dengan lebih lanjut.

Ternyata ramai orang yang bodoh lagi gampang di internet. Meskipun begitu, kita seharusnya berfikir sebelum bertindak. Saya menulis post kali ini adalah kerana saya merasakan Malaysia boleh berbangga dengan kemunculan Blackberry terbaru dan mungkin ada makmal Blackberry di Malaysia. Kenapa Turki sahaja? Kenapa bukan Malaysia? Ternyata dunia memandang rendah terhadap kita. Tetapi tidak mengapa, kita akan berusaha mencapai kecemerlangan di masa hadapan tidak kira dalam apa jua bidang. MALAYSIA BOLEH!



Saturday, 18 September 2010

Angry Birds - Level 2 & 3 Pack for N900


Familiar with the Angry Birds? Not sure? It's a very addictive game from Rovio made for N900 and some other mobile devices.

The free version only contains level 1 and for you to play level 2 and 3, you need to purchase them. But for N900 users, I have the pack for level 2 and 3.

To install it on your N900, make sure you have the game first.

Then download this file. Extract and copy the two files inside to your N900 memory  (you can put it anywhere).

Then open the file using file explorer on your N900.

Ta-da! Free games for you.

Hope that clear things out.


Friday, 17 September 2010

How to cure your hiccup


Having problems with hiccup and wanna kill yourself? Be my guest. Just kidding. Watch the video below.

How's your hiccup? Cured? Thank god. Don't thank me.


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Magic: The Gathering - What's your combo?


Know Magic: The Gathering? Then watch the video down below.

Done? So, what's your combo?

You can submit your ideas here or in the Youtube comment section.

Thanks for watching.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Kekasih Gelapku


Peterpan pernah menyalakkan lagu ini di corong-corong radio terkenal Indonesia. Tetapi kali ini, Azar bersama Shidi akan nyanyikan versi mereka. Dengarkan.

Menakjubkan? Video respon seterusnya daripada mereka akan lebih menakjubkan lagi tertaksub.


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Late Posting


How's it going? Sorry for the late post. Due to my Euro trip, internet connection has been a pain in the a**. But no worry, I will continue the posting as usual on the 9th of September so stay tune.

For those who feel uncomfortable with my post, only 1 piece of advice. GET A LIFE MUDDER-EFFER!

Thanks for reading my post.