Monday, 27 September 2010

Do you need a DSLR or semi-pro or compact camera?


Wow, I'm now in the middle of writing my dissertation but my urge to get this blog going is really into me right now. As the title suggest, do you need a DSLR, semi-pro or compact camera? Are you not sure of what this is all about? All right, let me brief you a little.

DSLR Camera

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. It is a big (seriously) and consists of two main parts to ensure its working which are the body and the lens. Without these two together, forget about taking any pictures. The lens need to be attached to the body before you can use it. The DSLR can also be attached with a flash unit that will give you extra light on your photos.

Semi-pro Camera (Bridge Camera)

Semi-pro camera is a camera with fixed lens which means, you can't change it. It function as much as a DSLR and easier to take care. Usually it looks big like a DSLR but it is not. Some can be attached with an external flash or tele-converter. Sometimes it is called bridge camera as it stands in the middle between compact camera and DSLR.

Compact Camera
The name does it all. Its compact, the lens, the flash, the memory, its there. Plus, it can fit into your pocket. Since it is compact, it lacks all the manual control compared to semi-pro or DSLR.

Now is for the core question of the day. Do you really need them? If you do, which one? And for what?

DSLR. You want to invest more on photography. Get this beast. With a wide range of lenses and accessories, having a DSLR allow you to experience photography to the max! People with creative photography skill might like this kind of camera since it has all the manual control for you to test. If you think it's too big, skip reading this part. DSLR takes the best picture among all the three types of camera. with large sensor, it can absorb more light and the photos you took will look sharp and vibrant. Price? The cheapest you can get is around £300. The max? Don't ask. It's better to get the good one together with all accesories rather than the expensive one without any accessories.

Semi-pro. You like taking beautiful pictures with all the manual controls but you hate spending more money on your camera. Take this one. Once you buy it, there's no turning back. Suitable for students as it is able to record videos apart from taking pictures. More durable than a DSLR as no caring need to be done. Cheap? Not really. But with optical zoom that beats even DSLR, I have to agree with the price. The cheapest will be around £200 and the max will be around £400.

Compact. You think photography is not important. Get this one. Yeah. Super-small size allow you to fit it in your pocket. Lack manual controls. Pictures not very nice. But at least it can take pictures. Girls love this camera as they can put it in their handbag without hassle. Some even have water-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof technology. Hope they will make one with bullet-proof technology. The cheapest will be around £50 and the max is around £200. Get this one if you're lazy to take pictures.

There you go. I would like to write more on this but my assignments is due tomorrow. Gotta finish this by morning. Hope this will help you. Thanks for reading.



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