Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fujifilm FinePix HS10


Have you heard about Fujifilm before? I mean like years ago? Yeah. The time when we still use film camera. Man. That was old. But not to forget, they are one of the pioneer in photography and I have to respect that fact. Apparently I came across this semi-pro camera which one of their product called Fujifilm FinePix HS10. Check it out.

The features on this camera really stands out I can't wait to post it on my blog and tell everyone about it. First of all, the Triple Image Stabilization which combine stabilization from CMOS Shift, High ISO and Hyper Digital Image Stabilization. This will allow you to take picture in low light and at 30 times optical zoom without any worry.

High Speed Continuous Shooting is another feature that allows you to take pictures at full 10 megapixel resolution for 7 continuous frame at 10 frame per second. Not just that, if you let the camera works on the auto, it will choose the best picture for you. Not just pictures, the camera is also capable of recording super-high speed recording at the max 1000 frame per second!

There is also Motion Panorama that allows you to capture panorama photos and the camera will stitch them together before it shows it to you. Motion Remover is another feature that allow you to take flawless image without any passerby walking in front of your camera. It will take 5 picture continuously and delete any unwanted motion in the picture. Nice? Hell yeah. Multi motion capture is another creative technology installed in the camera where you can put multiple photos of you in one picture.

Target autofocus will allow you to focus on the subject even while the object is moving at a fast rate. Even while at full 30 time optical zoom, tracking Autofocus will still be able to focus on the subject while it is still in the frame.

Let me brief on the specs. This camera has 30 times optical zoom which is equivalent to 24mm - 720mm on a 35mm format. It can record 1080p HD video at 30 frame per second, it shoots RAW pictures, great macro (1cm), flip out screen, ISO until 6400 and super fast shutter (1/4000). The only things that it lacks here is the battery, where it still uses alkaline AA battery which you can find in your TV remote control. But I find it to an advantage where you don't have to worry about battery as it is being sold nearly everywhere. And if your rechargable battery is dead, you can buy another one at a nearby store. This saves you the hassle to buy the specific battery for your camera.

I hope that helps you. Thanks for reading. And thanks to my girlfriend, Ika for introducing this camera to me. You can check out her blog here. That's it for now.


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