Sunday, 29 August 2010

Video Editing Software


Hi folks. This time I will share with you guys a video editing software that I use to edit my videos. Its a simple software but don't compare me to MysteryGuitarMan or RayWilliamJohnson. I'm not legendary like them. However, If you want to be a legend, you can try this software.

Its called Pinnacle Studio 14 HD. With tonnes of special effects and what-kind-of-what-shit in there, you will be able to edit videos for your wedding or your children's birthday party! The video below is the one that I made with the software. Its a teaser and trailer for the Malaysian Festival 2010 in my university.

So, what do you think? Quite nice? No? So what?

Ok, as you can see, there's like millions of effect in the trailer. Snow falling, montage and balblabla. I f you are interested in them, why don't you try this software? I won't give you the link to download them. Just look for yourself dip-shit. I don't support piracy. Got it? Damn. Screw you!

If you are interested in it, you can head to:

The web offers a lot of stuff regarding video editing effect, softwares, add-on and more. Buy the original and support the stuff. It's just around £99.

Alright, now is for the important part. The specification of your computer if you are going to take on video editing. I know you can do simple videos with Windows Movie Maker. But video editing software such as Pinnacle and Adobe are just so demanding in terms of software. I will laid down the basic requirements first.

Video Editing Requirements.

1. Operating system (OS)
Any Windows will work fine but in my opinion, Windows XP is the best choice since it is less memory-soncuming compared to other OS. The next will be Windows 7 (I'm not promoting any product here).

2. Processor
It will be Intel i7 970! No, I'm just kidding. Having the best in the category will be fine. The minimum I believe will go well with video editing software is Intel Pentium 4300. It's like Intel Pentium 4 in the old days. Having better processor means faster process while using the software such as rendering the video.

3. Memory (RAM)
You should have the minimum of 1GB of RAM. Seriously. Undoubtedly. For me, having even 2GB is not enough. But 1GB will be enough if you are amateur and did not process too much videos. Right now I'm on 4GB but I still feel the slowness. Damn you technology for making me suffer. Some goes for the max 24GB of RAM. I think that's a little too far.

4. Video Memory
In this case, there are two kinds of graphic processing hardware. Integrated or external. External doesn't mean that the graphic card is outside of your computer but it just mean that it is not in the motherboard of your computer. For integrated, it's best to have around 1GB of video memory. I'm not making shit but integrated video memory is not the best for video editing. Its better if you are using external such as Nvidia or ATI Radeon. But if you are on external, 256Mb or 512Mb is quite good.

5. Hard Drive
Your hardisk and not your hard-d**k! 1 advice is enough. The more, the better. You better leave around 20Gb of free space to be safe. Keep this in mind because some video editing save file just goes on to the whooping 7Gb just for 1 save file! That's what I'm suffering from. If you have around 250Gb of space, you are on the safe side. I think.

6. Display Resolution
Better than 800x600. That is safe. Nowadays, it's normal to have like 1024x768. Having lower resolution will forbid you from viewing your videos in its highest quality. Bare in mind that HD is 1280x720.

7. Direct X
If you are not sure, get it from Microsoft website. Having the latest DirectX 10 will be good enough for you. It is just another display software needed to show stuff from your computer.

8. Other
Connection such as USB 2.0, Firewire, LAN port and all those necessary stuff. Audio in and out. DVD drive. All those normal stuff on your computer be it laptop or desktop.

My laptop right now is just nice to create videos and even HD videos. And here's the specs.

My Specs
- Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
- Intel Core i5 M520 2.40GHz
- 4Gb of memory (RAM)
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 1Gb (2736Mb combined)
- 320Gb Hard drive
- Display 1366x768
- Direct 10

Got them all? Don't worry if your computer is not up to it. You can run the software just fine. It's just the matter of fast or slow.

Good luck in your video editing!


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