Monday, 30 August 2010

Mobile Phones Tips - What suits me?


Mobile phones. Oh, yeah. You read it right. No. Not the same as the one you use it at home though. This one can fit into your pockets without hassle and even wire-less. Before we go on choosing phones that suits you or your pocket, let us put the technology into their groups.

Basic Phones
Yup. This is the thing you crazed during the 90' and even 00'. The basic of the basic. Its too basic until you can't tell the difference between your mobile phone with your home phone. And not to forget, the ringtones are legendary. Remember how the old Nokia sounds like? With basic specs, it is all you need. Text and calls. That is what important. Not to forget the battery last like 2 days.

Unlike phones these days. These thing are not just epic, its also a relic from a forgotten realms! People who own this is usually those who put the function of the phones on top of its Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Their phones is ONLY for CALL and TEXT. Not to forget. The cheapest in the line.

Music Phones
Music? Phones? Okay, I got it. To avoid hassle, some just said,'I don't want to fill my pocket with mp3 player or Ipod. It doesn't fit.' Well, there you go. A music phone. Usually fitted with speakers so loud, it can blow your head after listening to it for about a minute! It also comes with a user friendly music player interface so that you won't suffer from searching your songs in your phones.

Who uses this kind of phones? Wanna know? Those who put music, on top of their needs. That means, call and text can come later in the game. Despite the function, it is still one of people's favourite due to its sound quality. Hey there, our party need some music. Can you turn on your phones?

Camera Phones
Camera? Or phone? Damn. Hard choices. No joke but cameraphone is one of the top selling phones at one time. People only see the big MEGAPIXELS of the camera rather than the quality. For them, higher megapixels means higher quality. No way bird-brain. The quality of a picture came from several factors like lighting, sensor size, aperture and blablabla. But seriously, there is a need when you need a snap from your phone such as when you see a car hit a truck at the nearby coffee shop. Yeah! Snap and record it. Up to Youtube and made millions of views.

Usually cameraphones doesn't comes cheap and it had like 5, 8 or even 12 megapixels. Basic phones nowadays even have a 5 megapixel snapper. Technology does go insane right? People buy this stuff because they feel like they can save money by not having a digital camera. 'I can take pics with my phones! Yeah! I'm happy!' Yeah right. When the phone broke, so does the camera. Got it?

Smart? I look better than my phones! Actually smartphones just means that it does more than just normal calling and texting. Not just that, with tonnes of stuff on it, it can drive you insane! Wifi, internet browsing, video editor, planner, diary, gaming. If I were to name it all, I would die before I achieve that. Its unbelievable how smartphones is getting the monopoly in the market despite its high price. Before you know it, there maybe a phone that can make coffee for you and babysit your baby.

Only 1 word to describe people that buy this fancy technology. RICH. Poor people got no chance. Seriously, I'm not making fun of poor people but that's the truth. This kind of fancy technology is only for the one with big bucks. Not to forget, some poor people can get this stuff too. The purpose? To show-off! Haha! For me, I find smartphones confusing and just another propaganda to get people to work their sweat off.

Phones for you?
Tell me how much you got in your wallet and I'll let you know what suits you. Haha! Just saying. But seriously, if your life is like hanging to the phones for text and call, your better get the basic mobile phone. The reason for it is because it's lifespan is longer than the others. It will survive being dropped, thrown, smashed and toilet-dive. You might want to put aside music and cameraphones. Smartphones is for those businessman on the go. Like checking the stock market, getting shortest route to the shopping mall via GPS and update your Facebook status.

Your money is the one you need to keep your eye on too. Despite having the best phones that suits you, money talks. No money, no talk (I've heard that somewhere before). Before you start buying a new phones, better get the feel. I you have a friend that have the phone, borrow it overnight. Taste it, feel it. If you like it, then buy it. If your friend doesn't have any, just do some research about it. Read what people write when they use it.

See you in the next post.



  1. nice really good at convincing people..keep it up

    *skg sy ade sbijik basic phone,sbijik mp3,n sbijik cmera in my handbag..looking forward for SLR..wah!

  2. nk jgk...xpe2...nnt kluar post pasal SLR...