Sunday, 29 August 2010

Internet Tablet - Do you really need them?


Hi there. This time, its about internet tablet. You know, those things that looks like a piece of plywood and cost around £700. You don't? It looks something like this.

Yeah. Like that. Up there is an Apple Ipad. Yeah. Its a pad. and believe me. Its not like pad your girlfriend use on a monthly basis. This one doesn't suck blood from your girl's p***y and it doesn't come cheap. Hell yeah. Cost around £700 on a piece of this. It looks like toy for the rich. Damn.

Okay, now is the deal. Many claims that there are advantages from using this pad. Such as:

1. Save Print Media
What? Save? Money is printed media too!! Sometimes it have some random chic's phone number! Haha! Okay, I do convinced that it does save paper but this thing cost more than paper! In fact, it cost more than 2 years worth of newspaper! But, what the heck. This thing does a little in saving paper (but not in your wallet) by having e-Book and newspaper online. However, I'm still not conviced on how this thing can save paper.

2. Cheaper than laptop
This is another bullshit that those at Apple throw as a propaganda to the people. It is clear cut than you can get a laptop at around £200 and even £150 (if you're lucky in eBay). You paid a lot of bucks for this piece of plastic and what do you get? Not even a keyboard! At £700, you can get a super-laptop using Intel i7 processor that surpasses the speed of normal computing! Besides, the reason you get a laptop is for things like word processing and sometimes slide show. Cheap? Not for me though.

3. Style
Girls don't look at you when you bring out the Apple Ipad. They only look at your money, you a-hole! Besides, where is the style when you are walking around with a big piece of PAD? That ain't no style! Not to forget the suffering when it got stolen. Hehe.

That's enough I think. But there's like million, no, billions of reason not to buy the internet tablet.

Not Buying?
1. Laptop Wins
Yeah. Laptop does win. Big time. Its like, there's no way I will be spending £700 on a piece of those. Compared to laptop, you can get USB, LAN port, DVD drive, audio in/out, card reader and a webcam. Not just that, if you get a £700 laptop, the laptop will be like super-speed-plus-powerful laptop. Touchscreen is not needed. Keyboard is much more safer. Imagine the touchscreen is broken, that's bye-bye to your tablet.

2. Safety
You got it. Safety first. Don't you feel threatened when you are holding a piece of £700 single-handedly? Drop it and there goes your money. Haha! Serves you! Besides easily dropped, thieves will be eyeing on you when you get your tablet in the public. That's because you look rich (poor wins).

3. Function
The function of the tablet? Surfing the internet in style. That's all. Compared to a laptop, tablet is useless. Seriously. No kidding. Wait. Is that my mom video-calling me? Yeah. Hello mom! Yeah, I can see you! Haha!

There. Thinking of a tablet? Forget it. You can save it buying Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or even Nintendo Wii. Or even better, get yourself a 50" HDTV for around £700. Then you can enjoy watching stuff off your laptop in a bigger screen. Sounds tempting? It is.

That's all for now.


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