Sunday, 29 August 2010

Travelling Tips


How you're doing? Guess its great. No? Go eat some shit. This time, its about travelling tips.

You know some of us thinks that its okay to prepare stuff last minute because our brain will be 'working hard' to get all stuff in the bag. That's bullshit. There are several things that need to be done before you go off.

Before leaving
- Documents such as passport, visa, initerary, hostel bookings. Yeah. Get it right or else you will end up in North Pole.
- Place to go - Better to plan where to go plus the routes. Don't want to get lost while having fun.
- Less is more. Never bring too much clothes. Recycle. You might want to think about the souvenirs.
- Never leave your passport in your luggage. You will meet your doom.
- Remove old luggage tags to avoid confusion. If you still wanna brag, video yourself ripping it off and say, 'I've been to Thailand'.
- Personal stuff should be in your hand luggage. Which one? Your toothbrush and underwear!

While travelling
- Drink a lot. Dead man ain't going anywhere.
- Try to walk a lot during travelling. Ease your legs as well as your butt from sitting for a long time.

When you arrive
- Red alert at all time. Travellers are easy prey for pickpockets. Bite them before they bite you!
- Calling abroad is a no-no. Waste it on food or souvenirs.
- Get a legal taxi with license and all documents. You might become the next kidnapping victim if you just jump in any taxi.
- Carry a dummy wallet with note inside saying 'F**K Y*U'. It will save you and made the thief suffer from shame. The best is to keep your passport and money in your underwear.
- Never leave your bags. Hug it on an hourly basis. Even bags need some love.

Others you might consider...
- Group travelling is fun. The more, the merrier. You can always ask someone to take your picture. And you can grab some of his lunch too! Haha!
- First aid kit - Bad luck always comes unnoticed. Better beware.
- Comfy shoes. Definitely not high heels. Flip flops is nice in summer.

There you go. Long list for you to revise. Just another word of advice, ENJOY!


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