Monday, 18 October 2010

Considerations in Selecting Literary Text


Yes. This might sound academic but who am I without academic? For todays short lecture, it will be about selecting literary text for students.

Background of students
Choose literary text which is related to the students. As an example, Malaysian students better at visualising paddy fields, terrace house and a Proton Wira. You shouldn't jump into the classroom giving them literature about oak trees or Mahatma Gandhi. I didn't say its not appropriate but let the students get some language first okay? Get something local such as 'Mousedeer and crocodile'. Its epic and the students love it.

Student's Stage of development
A very useful one I suppose. Without proper checking, students may be bored with your lesson. Yeah. Get it right. This will help teachers make selection of proper text and preparing suitable activities for the children.

Their Interest
Children these days love Incredible Hulk than Snow White. Why? Because they're on the screen! Kids mentality towards literature has change over these years and as teachers, we need to adapt to it. There are short stories with Rapunzel as the heroine. Why don't you go for it?

Content of the Text
Superman is not suitable. Why? Because it will raise questions. Get something simple and believable. The Hungry Caterpillar and Giant Potato can be good.

You are not teaching Shakespeare to the students. Simple language are good enough. Its useful to expose them to the language. If they find the language is too hard, then you're not a good teacher. I'm just saying.

That is some part of it. There maybe more but I will address the general one in my post this time. This is because I'm too lazy. Even my dissertation are moving like snails. Maybe snails are faster.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Not to forget Chitravelu, Sithamparam and Teh Soo Choon for writing such a great book about ELT Methodology. The way I explain might be harsh but understanding is everything. Their book is awesome you guys should check it out. Until next time.


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