Saturday, 2 October 2010

Canon, Nikon or Sony?


There are 3 big bad-ass in photography world which are Canon, Nikon and Sony. Others? I don't want to mention that because they are not as big as these 3. So, why are they big? Let me give the reasons.

The best imaging quality you will get. Seriously. Undoubtedly. Nikon which focus on imaging more than the others never lack this quality. Pictures are sharp, vibrant and top of the class. With ranges of accessories from lenses, flashes and battery grip, it seemed like the sole existence of Nikon is only for photography. But it doesn't mean it have everything. Nikon may have the quality over everything but they doesn't have something called user-friendliness. Yeah right. Dealing with pictures more than the user itself had made the company to neglect this aspect. The price for the camera is reasonable and not too expensive.

Imaging quality is acceptable. But I have to agree on one thing. There's no other camera easier to use other than Sony's. All the menu and button are design specifically for users to experience ease of use and be able to master all the manual control. The reason? Sony have been dealing with users not only in the photography world but also others. Therefore it is undeniable that user's demands need to be fulfilled before anything else. Not to mention, they inherit the Alpha system from Minolta which is a renowned photography bad-ass in the yesteryears. They know what the user wants and they make sure the user gets it. It comes from experience. Yes it is. And the price is the lowest among the 3.

A perfect balance between those two. Great imaging as well as user-friendly. Being a bad-ass in imaging fields for a long time means Canon knows what users in this field wants. Ease of use and great quality. And they deliver it to them. No matter how hard it is for you to master the manual control of your camera, it can be done easily with Canon. The drawback? The price. More than Sony and Nikon ever placed. Seriously. One of the expensive camera out there.

There you go. The 3 bad-ass in photography. If you are still confused, you better read some reviews and experience the camera for yourself. Then you will know which one is the one for you.

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