Friday, 15 October 2010

HD Camcorder


This time is not about smartphones anymore. Its about camcorder. For anyone so dumb they can't understand this you better shut up you bitchy mouth and read.

A camcorder is a device that enable you to record videos into a medium such as hard drive, CD, DVD or tape. Currently, camcorder are losing popularity due to DSLR having the function to record videos as well. Not just any videos but HD videos. But it doesn't mean that camcorder doesn't do anything. Besides HD recording, the quality of videos on the camcorder is better than those DSLR.

With a camcorder, you may have all the manual control you want on it. But basic camcorders won't have that. I guess manual controls are on the mid-end or high-end camcorders.

Camcorders is better at videos and lack at pictures. Seriously. But camcorders have a sensor that can withstand long-term recording. Which is something that DSLR doesn't have. Even if the DSLR can record videos, the sensor they are using are not very good at videos as it can easily break when it is used on a long-term recording. Even if their sensor is big or high quality, once it breaks, there goes another few hundred pounds out of your pocket. Camcorder's sensor are design specifically to withstand long-term use. It can withstand the heat from processing pictures and able to absorb light continuously with adjustable settings.

But I have to admit, pictures taken from a camcorder is very dissapointing. The noise level, colours and everything is not right. I rate the pictures taken from a camcorder as acceptable as it does gives a good aperture setting (1.8).

If you are thinking about getting a camcorder, don't hesitate to get the one that gives you HD (1280x720) or Full HD (1920x1080) because it will give you a better depth, contrast and colour. Having a Full HD camcorder is also an advantage where digital zoom will not disrupt your recording as it will still gives you a HD videos up to a certain limit.

Compared to a DSLR, camcorders doesn't have much to offer with accessories. You can get a wide-angle converter or tele-converter for your lens. Some Canon camcorders have a hotshoe where you can put a video light or microphone for better recording resolution. Extra batteries is a must for camcorders and its better to get one that can last longer.

Camcorder can be useful if you feel video suits you better than pictures (like me). Editing software shouldn't be a problem because some of it comes free with the camcorders and theres a lot of it on the internet. You just have to search.

Here are some company that produce great camcorders. Canon, Panasonic, Sony and some more that I couldn't remember.

There you go. A brief explanation about camcorder. Thanks for reading. And for the vlog. Here you go.