Friday, 22 October 2010

Quad-Sim Phone


Our friends use Orange. Our family members use Vodafone. Our lecturers use T-Mobile. Our long-lost-childhood friends use 3. Guess how many phones do you need? 4? No. You just need 1.

OTECH F1 phone which looks like a Blackberry has support for 4 sim and all are activated at once.

It has QWERTY keypad the same as Blackberry, OS which is too hard to tell a difference between it and a Blackberry, built-in TV receivera, GPRS, touchscreen (wow) and 12 megapixel camera. Imagine if it has 3G. It will be super fast.

I guess it's just another phone from China though. They love making stuff like this as they are good in copying stuff. And wait. That's not all. Imagine the radiation level for this phone. Maybe enough to make 12 cups of coffee or defrost a whole chicken.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hahaha..wanna buy 1 la.. later leh defrost ayam..wahaha! wey, gila byk entry ko ari ni?? ko da siap DC ka?? hihi

  2. hahhaa....ala...simple2 ja...ada sikit lg dc ni....huhuu