Monday, 25 October 2010

Tips to Update Phone Firmware


Hello people. Have you ever update your phone software? Some that are using smartphones must know what I'm talking about. Updating your firmware is like updating your current Microsoft Windows to a new version. But obviously firmware update only take place on your phone.

However, some precautions have to be made. To make sure you didn't lose out while updating.

Backup your contact
The first one on the list. Why? Because you don't want to fill another thousand of contact in your phones over and over again. Some smartphones offer a software that allows you to backup all of your data. Make sure you do it first.

Charge you battery until full or at least 90%. This is because firmware update takes up lots of battery.

Remove SIM and Memory Card
People often neglect this. But when your phone brick, it's your fault.

Be sure of the update
If you are not sure, don't do it. I've seen countless people getting the wrong update and brick their phone. Check occasionally on your phone's website and do some research of the update.

That's all for now. Be careful while updating. And always remember, whenever you install an application, make sure its in your memory card. Because some firmware updates 'clean' you application. Beware.

Thanks for reading. Good luck and have fun.


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