Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How coffee is made


Coffee. A word too familiar but we know nothing about it. Where does it came from? Ground? Durian? Old mine? Never imagined anything like that right? Here's the fact.

Coffee originates from the Ethiopia and it spreads to the Muslim world. From the Muslim world, coffee was spreading like wildfires throughout the centuries. Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia have tasted this delicious drink and it become popular in the society. How popular? How about Starbucks? Costa? There's a lot of coffee-based restaurant and I'm here just to name a few. So popular, the seventh legal trade in the world is coffee. Even technology can't fight that.

Process of making coffee

Picking - The ripe coffee berry is pluck by hand. Don't ask me why but even in this hi-tech era, coffee berries are still plucked by hands. No technology to that for sure. But there are machines used in Brazil for coffee plucking as the land is flat and easy for machines to get through.  If you ask me how do you know when to pluck the berries, here's a tip. The ripe one sunk in the water and the bad or unripe, stays afloat.

Processing - The pulp must be ripped way from the berry as it is not going to be processed. Its either done by hand or machine. Usually machine. After the removal of pulp, the beans will be washed and dried until its left with 10% of water for the next step. Another way for doing this step is a traditional way which is doing everything by hand without using water. The traditional way is being done practically at 95% of countries producing coffee as they mention 'it maintains the flavour'. I have nothing to say.

Milling - This means removing the last layer of dry skin on the coffee beans before it will be turn to dust. Seriously, most machine will do this to distinguish between good coffee beans and other stuff (rock, etc) or bad beans. After that, they will be classified according to their colour or size or whatever the manufacturer wants them to be.

Roasting - Actually, at this stage, coffee is basically done. But there are several types of coffee based on the level of heating. The dark one is usually roasted for a long time thus having more flavour in them. If you roast them for a little while, you will get green coffee. After they get roasted, they will be grind to powder. And it goes into your cup.

That's a little info on how coffee was made. Actually, they have like a long list of good-for-nothing to read but I make it simple enough for you to understand better. After this, when you drink coffee, you will realise the hardship behind the making of coffee.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope this will help you in your life. If there's any mistake, it comes only from me and nobody else and I apologize for that. Take care and have fun.


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