Thursday, 14 October 2010

Windows Phone 7 is another Apple iPhone?


Microsoft announced their Windows Phone 7 on Monday to show the world that they made the next Apple iPhone. Seriously.

Last time, when we want to transfer stuff back and forth our phone, its just copy and paste. But Apple made a revolution back then by introducing iPhone which require you to connect to iTunes to transfer data. Which basically means it will not work like a external memory. But at that time, all other phones doesn't need a specific software to connect their phones to their computer. So data transfers easily.

Now, Microsoft decided that they should join the band wagon. But not with iTunes. But with Zune. Zune works the same as iTunes where you connect your phones to the laptop for transferring data. This means that Windows Phone 7 DOESN'T SUPPORT USB MEMORY LIKE BEFORE!

Different kind of phone? Get your ass working Gates. Microsoft should try to be different than Apple. But in this case, they use the proverb, 'If you can't beat them, join them.'

Damn you Microsoft. I bought your original software and this is what you have done to me?

For those who are looking forward Windows Phone 7, its better if you make some research or look for Android phones. You don't want to get upset by using the phones.

That's all for today. Sorry but I can't make another vlog for today because I'm really tired. Cheers and have fun.



  1. Relax bro.. even the famous Youtubers also need their rest..hehe..

    Windows memang bongok.. xD

  2. haha...btoi2...pnat ni...dh la byk bnda lg kna obviously semakin bongok...