Saturday, 9 October 2010



Apple iPhone 4. I have spent countless times reseaching about this phones and user experience. And the conclusion? IT FAILED BIG TIME!

The reason?

1. Bluetooth?
It has 1 but can't be used. WTF? Galaxy S got Bluetooth 3.0 and you can transfer anything!

2. File transfer?
You got 16/32 GB of free space but you CAN'T DRAG AND DROP STUFF TO YOUR MOBILE!

3. Connectivity?
You can't get it to become USB Mass storage when connected using USB. The only means of moving all those files is iTunes. What? You can't even transfer files from another phone!

4. GPS?
You are struggling with Google Maps with no GPS. What the heck are you trying to achieve?

5. User-friendly?
Fail too much I don't want to talk about it.

I agree its smooth, fluid, not stuck. But Samsung Galaxy S is way better for user experience.

Wait for my next video log.


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