Tuesday, 10 May 2011

After Effect - Samsung Galaxy Tab


I have been using Samsung Galaxy Tab for a while and would like to share its pros and cons as a mobile phone and tablet. Hope such info will help you to determine whether you love it or hate it. I'm kinda standing in the middle of it.

Oh my! The worst part comes first. Calling is such a pain in the a**. Not just making it but also receiving it. Without headset, it seemed like the whole world is joining in the conversation. And I'm not joking. You can't have it near your ear and speak like normal phones, you have to face it. Damn its difficult! People will always look at you, thinking that you're some kind of sick bastard. Imagine a gadget freak being called that. 1 star for calling.

Yes. This is heaven. The full QWERTY keypad is nice to the touch. I rarely made any mistakes. The threading in messaging keeps you updated if you are suffering from short term memory lapse. It feels like you are having a very big iPhone. 5 stars for messaging!

Its unbelievable that such gadget can have codecs for most of the files. My 1080p videos works fine and the audio is very good and loud enough to be enjoyed together. Music have no problems at all but the list seemed to be in a havoc. Using the 3.5mm jack has to be specific. Some earphones or speakers tend to suffer from echo problems as it has multifunction purposes. Normal headset works fine though. 4 stars for multimedia!

The best part of this tablet. Its awesome. Having a big screen provides you with plenty of freedom with your fingers. You'll have precise accuracy compared to those small smartphones. Hoho. But the drawback is that you'll tire your fingers easily as you have to move them a lot. Dragging stuff here and there. And some games are not optimized for the large screen. But it's fun to play games on the big screen right? 4 stars for games!

Let me stress on this one. This thing is not a cameraphone. The quality will be rated as just nice. Its not excellent and not bad. What would you expect from a 3.2megapixel snapper? Its easily affected by bright lights but it works fine in outdoor conditions. Indoor with flash? Too bad. 2 stars for camera.

Yes. Quite amazing. Viewing photos and images are great. With pinch zoom, you can play with your picture in anyway you want it. Basic on-spot editing such as rotating and cropping are also available. However, it is quite slow in scanning for images. Even if you have it done using USB cable. But the background is nice as it select photos at random. 4 stars for gallery!

Despite having Bluetooth 3.0, the latest that only Samsung have, the transfer still not as fast as it would be. I've tried it with my Samsung Wave which have the same 3.0 but the result is not promising. Even transferring a 2MB photos took quite a while. Wireless suffers no problems at all. Working fine. And I'm not pissed about that. 3 stars for connectivity.

Very much appealed. Most of the basic detail are there and linking with Facebook and Twitter sprouts no mess-up. It even place birthday notification on the calendar automatically. Great job on contacts Samsung. Emails, address, phone numbers, up to annivessary are there. It even provide us with the latest activity with the contacts such as calls and messages. 5 stars for contacts!

There you go. Hope that will help you if you are thinking of getting a tablet mobile phone in the future. Of course there are two sides of the coins and sometimes you have to look for another coins.

Thanks for reading.


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