Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Casio ProTrek PRW5000Y-1


All the goodies in a single watch so you won't watch anywhere else. Here is a new watch from Casio, the Casio ProTrek PRW5000Y-1. It comes with triple ABC sensor, solar charging, atomic time sync, compass and altitude/barometric pressure differential pointer.

Here's the official press release.

Casio America, Inc. is proud to introduce the ProTrek PRW5000Y-1 which is now part of its popular triple sensor timepiece portfolio. Equipped with cutting edge, Tough Solar Power technology made popular by its Pathfinder line, this newest model contains an analog/digital timekeeping format with a unique second hand that acts as a compass needle and altitude & barometric pressure differential pointer. It also utilizes Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, making it the ultimate must-have timepiece for outdoor excursions.

Designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy active and adventurous lifestyles, the hour and minute hands always display the time, while the second hand and LCD can display vital outdoor data, such as direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature. The hour and minute hands are specially designed with cut-outs for greater visibility of the dial underneath, which assists with reading the digital display and dial indexes. In addition to the compass, the ProTrek PRW5000Y-1 includes an altimeter, barometer and thermometer. With a resin band, the watch also provides a lightweight feel and enables consumers to reach the peak of style.

“We are thrilled to unveil the ProTrek model which builds on the rich history of innovation contained in our Pathfinder line,” said Shigenori Itoh, vice president of Casio’s Timepiece Division. “The ProTrek’s slim design provides a practical, yet stylish solution built for the everyday lives of consumers and their adventurous lifestyles.”

Through Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping the timepiece automatically synchronizes with Coordinated Universal Time broadcast continuously by stations linked to atomic clocks within the US, Germany, the UK, China and two in Japan, based on the user’s home city setting. Tough Solar Power adds to the ProTrek’s efficiency while the unique power saving function allows the watch to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thus conserving power. With Tough Movement, the ProTrek PRW5000Y-1 automatically checks and adjusts it hand home positioning at the 55th minute of ever hour.

The ProTrek’s one-touch triple sensor buttons lead to direct operation of sensors. This means no scrolling through menus to get the measurements you need quickly. Button guards prevent against accidental operation of sensors and enhance the practicality of the timepiece. The large textured buttons allow for easy operation in various conditions even when the consumer is wearing gloves. The ProTrek PRW5000Y-1 is available in black resin with an electric blue dial and blue IP stainless steel bezel for the MSRP of $480.00. The model will also be available in May at Tourneau and select fine Jewelers.

Imagine getting this thing for birthday. Then my head would explode with happiness.


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