Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Taking care of your Smartphone's Screen


Since most of you guys...and girls are using smartphones with touchscreen, let me share a few tips that can help you.

1. Use a screen protector.
A rule that's applicable to mostly everything with screen. Even if your are not touching them like PSP. It works as a cover to protect your screen from being scratch. Some of the most popular types of screen protectors are regular, privacy and anti-glare. Anti-glare would be the best as it prevents fingerprints and makes your phone looks solid.

2. Avoid pressing the screen.
Hey there dumbo! That's why they call it TOUCHscreen and not PRESSscreen! Since smartphones nowadays are equipped with capacitive touchscreen, there's no need for you to poke it with stylus or anything with pointed end. Everything will be fine with just your fingers. You wouldn't want to waste hundreds or thousands that you have invested.

3. Use a case or pouch.
Well? For safety purposes only. Yes. This is not just to avoid scratches on the screen but also on the body of your phones. Imagine lending it to your friend and suddenly BANG! There goes your wallet. The best case would be the leather case that cover both front and back side of your phones. Leather case have better shock absorbant compared to gel or plastic case.

4. Wipe the screen regularly.
Little by little and the damage done is irreversible. Accumulated dust and smudges can get through the screen protector and damage the screen. This is due to the friction of the dust and your finger that will eventually makes the screen protector goes thinner day by day. A little physics won't hurt right?

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