Wednesday, 11 May 2011

DSLR or Camcorder?


Would you prefer a DSLR or a camcorder? Nowadays, most DSLR are equipped with HD video recording that allows you to record videos up to 24Mbps (1 second = 24MB). Let me share it with you some issues regarding this matter.

1. Sensor Issue - Long Play
DSLR sensor are specifically made to take photos. The same goes for camcorders which are made to record videos. There's a very big difference between the two. The sensor on the camcorder are optimized to be able to suffer long recording, heat resistant and continuous light absorption. DSLR sensor in the other hand are more towards taking a lot of light in an instance. It is not recommended to record videos on DSLR for a long play. The sensor is not resistant towards heat and continuous light absorption. Long play can damage DSLR sensor and end up costing you more money than usual.

2. Creativity - Lenses
Normal camcorders might not have the interchangeable lenses compared to the DSLR. This means that DSLR user have more creativity on creating videos. But you must have lots of lens to play around with. However, camcorders nowadays can have a little creativity to it by applying wide angle or fisheye converter on the front lens.

3. Handling
Holding DSLR for video recording can be very tiring and not applicable for long play. Its like lifting a dumbell with your wrist. The weight of the body, the lens and sometimes the microphone and whatnot is applying a lot of burden on your hand. Camcorder on the other hand are suitable to be hold for a longer period of time. Sometimes you don't even need a tripod for it.

4. Sound sensor
Camcorder have better sound recording system compared to a DSLR. It is better in surround mode and with proper equipment, you can have shotgun mode on (it records sounds in front without any beside or behind noise). DSLR are more towards capturing unfocused sounds which will also includes the wind, your breaths, your friend talking and many more.

Those are some issues I'm highlighting for video recording using DSLR and camcorder. Hope that will help you on deciding which one is more suitable for you. If you like photos, DSLR is your choice then. For videos, go for camcorder.

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