Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shopping Time


My wallet. The condition is so bad I almost ripped it apart.

Then I head to Midvalley, met Izzaidah and her primary schoolmate. We went to Carrefour to survey new wallet for me and buy some groceries. Wallet in Carrefour is a little overpriced. So we head to Wild Chanel.

A nice red wallet for me. Nice to hold but will not broke. The one who will broke is me and none others. Quite reasonable with the price (RM19.90) and it looks super cool. BUY-IT-NOW!

Today I went to Amcorp Mall to calm down as I was not able to study at all. Came across this one funny looking earphone. Its a LEGO earphone. And it looks nice. With the price so cheap (RM5), I couldn't think of any other. BUY-IT-NOW!

And that's it. Enough shopping for me. I should've gone shopping with my mom. Because everything's free.

And I miss her so much. Its been some time since I've tasted her homemade meals.


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