Thursday, 26 May 2011

Windows 8 in 2012


After 7, it will definitely be 8. Yes. That's how Microsoft works on their version of Windows.

According to Steve Ballmer from Microsoft, Windows 8 will make its way to the market next year and it will be compatible with tablets, PCs and more devices (Does my calculator falls into the same category?).

Windows 8 will be optimised for 'a variety of different form factors'
Microsoft will launch the successor of its Windows PC operating system next year, the company’s chief has revealed.
Steve Ballmer said at a press conference in Tokyo that the new operating system would be optimised for tablet devices, PCs and “a variety of different form factors”.
Elsewhere in his speech, Ballmer referred to the next version of Windows as ‘Windows 8’ – a rumour that Microsoft PR has been keen to suffocate.
“We're obviously hard at work on the next version of Windows,” he said.
“Windows 7 PCs will sell over 350 million units this year. We've done a lot in Windows 7 to improve customer satisfaction. We have a brand new user interface. We've added touch, and ink, and speech.
“And yet, as we look forward to the next generation of Windows systems, which will come out next year, there's a whole lot more coming. As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8. Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.”
No details are yet available on how the new operating system would help game developers.

Let's hope its better and more compatible with more devices. Currently, my Windows 7 laptop is having problem with the USB device. Better check out on that Microsoft.



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