Monday, 16 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day


Today, the 16th of May 2011, Malaysia celebrate its own Teacher's Day. This date was chosen because on the same day in 1956, the Federal Legislative Council of the Federation of Malaya endorsed the Razak Report, one of four reports of the Education Committee regarding education in Malaysia. The document, known as the Razak Report after Tun Abdul Razak who was Education Minister at the time, became the basis of education in Malaysia ever since. Although it is not an official school holiday, celebrations are usually held on May 16, or earlier, if it falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

And the first paragraph is copied from Wikipedia and definitely not my own. But at least I did some homework on the history of it. Let's keep that aside will you?

On this glorious day for Malaysian Teachers, I would like to wish HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers. Without teachers, there will be no astronouts, no soldiers, no politicians and so on. And I will be a teacher starting next year. I hope. But I will be one. And I'm glad to be one.

This year Teacher's Day theme is "Guru Penjana Transformasi Pendidikan Negara". Or in english it might sound like this "Teachers as a generator for the transformation of the National Education". Em. It might be very long but that's better than coming out with "Transformers Fight, Cybertron Lose, Autobot Win, Game Over". Am I right? Towards a certain extent, yes.

Here I would like to thank teachers from my former school Tadika KEMAS Limbong Kapal, Tunku Raudzah Primary School and Sultan Abdul Hamid College. Also lecturers from Teacher's Education Institute, International Languages Campus and University College Plymouth St. Mark & St. John. Without you, I may not make it this far in my career.

Let us strive for the better future of our children

Thanks for reading.