Friday, 12 November 2010

Samsung 2011 Flagship Smartphone


Looking for a super smartphones that can make you droll? Be patient and wait until next year. Why? Because Samsung is making one.

The unnamed phone get into rumours yesterday and would you like to know what are the key features that can make you droll? Here you go.

1080p Full HD Video recording
Will this feature kill the camcorder market? Who knows.

4.5" sAMOLED 2
We've heard about the SuperAMOLED before. But this might be more awesome. Maybe Retina Display will be flushed down the toilet.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Out-of-the-box latest OS is what people are waiting for (even me!). No need for update until Android 3.0 comes out.

1.2GHz CPU
OMG! That is faster than my netbook! And we expect the RAM will be around 1GB.

8 Megapixel Camera
That is on par with all the smartphones now. Why don't you make it 14 Megapixel, Samsung? Or maybe you can't?

16GB Built-in Memory
That's good. Which means more apps to be installed. Or maybe You can install all Android apps in the Android Market? Your choice.

Thats a lot of improvement made by Samsung to win in the Android race. But to get the customers' attention, they have to make a phone that is fast and smooth and not just full of specs.

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