Friday, 5 November 2010

How to Save your Mobile Phones


Various accidents had occured to mobile phone owners and some of the common ones are falling, overcharge and software damage. Why such things happen? You don't ask me. But we are not here to discuss that. We are here to overcome the issue.

Dropping = Case
Yeah. You wanna put your phones in your pocket and then suddenly...CRASH! It falls instead of getting into your pocket. Why? Mishandling. And again why? Because your phone sucks. Just kidding. Its just that your phone are too smooth it didn't have enough grip. But too much grip will made it falls too.

To oversome this, get yourself a case. The best case of all is the leather case. You might be viewed as old timer by using a leather case but that was ranked the best case as its not too slick and when your phone falls, the leather will save it. I've tried with mine and my phone survive a 10m throw. But it won't save your phones from being run over by a car. Leather case is popular among smartphone users because it can protect the touchscreen as well as the body.

Hybrid case is another case that is suitable for your. It does provide adequate grip for you to hold and put it in your pocket. Never use any silicon or gel case because the grip it provides is too much. In fact, most people break their phones because they use silicon case.

Water damage = Rice
Coffee, coke, tea, milk you name it. Some people are too obsessed to text their partners they even bring their phones to the toilet. Euwww!! That's gross! Then stuff like flushing you phone down the toilet or taking a dive in the bathtub with your phone happens. Why? Ask the one who did it! They are stupid! I'm kidding. There are also numerous accident when phones meet water. For example, rains, flashfloods or even sweat. If your phones ever suffer from this incident, put it in a bag of rice. Why? Because rice absorb a lot of water from its surrounding. Yeah. No kidding. Just open your battery cover, the battery, the SIM and the memory card and placed everything into a bag of rice. If nothing is serious, your phone will be saved. If not, bye bye.

Overcharging = Stop
When you just bought your phones, people say charge it at least 8 hours before using. Even in the manual said that. Why? Its just a agenda made by rich people to let you continue buying mobile phones. So, when you get a mobile phone, charge it until its full. That's enough. It will save your phone. It will also save your money from buying next battery for your phone. You can see how rich people tries to trick you guys. Yeah. I know. They put words like, 'You have to charge your phone at least 8 hours before using because the battery has not been charge since it left the factory. Doing so will allow you to use its power to the optimum.' That is a complete LIE. Seriously. That's a super lie. The lie is so great even the person who repairs mobile phone has to agree. Why? Because you will meet them again to fix your overcharged phones.

Just charge your phone enough until its full. You don't have to wait until 8 hours because the running electric currents will damage the chemical in your battery.

Software damage = Think
Some phones suffer from  software damage when it shows an error message on the screen. Normally it would happen to smartphones. To overcome this simple matter, just reinstall your firmware. Isn't that simple?

That's all for now. Hope that will help you in taking care of your phones. Have a nice day.


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