Thursday, 4 November 2010

DSLR - Flash - Tips


This time is flash. Yeah. Right. The one that may cause blindness towards other people and not yourself. It is attached to the top of your DSLR body and works as a supporter in photography. It gives out much light in low-light condition where pictures might be blurred or dark as light is not enough. Using a flash gives you a better opportunity to capture better photo that will erase some dark areas in the picture.

Using a flash need to done carefully. Never let it fall or broke. Because why? I'll give you a reason. Because you will die. Seriously. Not just your wallet will die because of the price but you will really die. For real. This is because in the flash, xenon gas are used to make the flash more powerful. And xenon is a very dangerous chemical for human body. If you breath in xenon, you will die. Therefore, use it with caution. There has never been a report on death by using the flash but there are death by mishandling the flash. So be careful.

The flash needs the same care as the lens and body. Especially on the connector part. Clean it properly. The most common problem people face when using a flash is when the body did not detect the flash. Yes. It's like broken. But the flash is not broken. To overcome the situation, use an eraser and clean the connector as well as the flash hotshoe. The reason why it didn't detect the flash is mainly due to dirt stuck on the connector metal.

To get a suitable flash, you must ask yourself. Are you a full-time photographer? If the answer is no, then take the basic flash with manual control such as Nikon SB-600, Canon Speedlite 420EX or Sony HVL-42AM. These flash has a lot of manual control for you to enjoy. Greater flash such as Nikon SB-900, Canon Speedlite 580EX II or Sony HVL-58AM are suitable for professional photographer who take pictures for their living. Its a different story if you are rich. Get everything if you are too rich. Basic flash will cost you around £100/RM500. But it may be worth it for everyday usage.

There you go. The flash. Thanks for reading. I hope you can take care of your flash better after reading.