Friday, 15 June 2012

I am le teacher


A shot from the jetty in Sibu
Hi and yeah. It has been quite a time. I stopped writing on January as I'm getting myself prepared for the new working environment and suddenly... WALAWEI!! I AM A TEACHER! Alright, enough with all the bullsh**ting and rubbish talking involved. I am now teacher. Yes. OMG? Yes I am.

Nice view along the way to school

A whole new environment. A whole new level. And definitely unbelievable. Why? My school is in the jungle. Yes. You heard me right. MY SCHOOL IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE JUNGLE! What's the name of the school again? Sekolah Kebangsaan Oyan Tengah or formerly known as SKOT. I couldn't tell you guys where is the exact location of my school because I don't even know where it is. It is somewhere out there.

Road not taken? No. This is road to school
Yup yup. Nice bluff right? No I'm not. Its true. The call from JPN Sarawak definitely made me blur. It goes like this.

Le madam: Cigu, tahniah. Cigu dapat posting di SK Oyan Tengah, Kapit. (Congrats. You just got posted to SK Oyan Tengah, Kapit)
Le me: Ya? Orait. (Yeah? Alright)
Le madam: Boleh cikgu bagi nama cigu? (Can you give me your name?)
Le me: Faris...
Le madam: Faris anak? (Faris son of?)
Le me: Faris Syimir.
Le madam: Cigu asal Sabah ka cigu? (Are you from Sabah?)
Le me: Bukan Sabah. Kedah. (Bila masa aku jd org Sabah?) (Not Sabah. Kedah. [Since when I'm a Sabahan?])
Le madam: Ok cigu. Nanti cigu ambil flight, turun Sibu, kemudian cigu ambil express pi Kapit. (Alright. On Monday, take a flight to Sibu and then an express to Kapit.)
Le me: Ok...(express kalo dlm otak aku, mksudnya bas express dan bukan bot express!)

Boat to Camp B
Basically, everything that was told and I have been through is so different compared to what I have in mind. My understanding is totally out of the ordinary. Well that's just the beginning of the story.

So I got off the plane, head to the jetty, took an express to Kapit and..... I got blur for the second time. Searching for PPD Kapit was a pain since I know nothing about Kapit. And mind you, I was ALONE. All alone. No officers were accompanying me, no friends, no nothing. Well, then I asked around, and get myself into the office with a little sense of relief. A little. And another story started. A female officer asked me why I'm there alone and I told her that I'm reporting myself for duty. She asked if I have any letters from JPN and luckily I don't. I told them that JPN called me regarding my posting without any papers. Then there were a little chaos as most of them are trying to get the JPN and I am still stuck in the middle.

R&R Oyan Tengah

After a while, I met Cikgu Thomas. My school's PK1. He introduced himself and lucky me, there was a meeting at PPD and most headmasters are there. They asked me to stay in town for a day as they will be heading for school tomorrow.

How to go to school? Well, we took a van to Rumah Tuan, then we took a boat to Camp B and then another few hours of 4-wheel adventures before reaching the school. When I got to school, cleaned my room a bit and doze off.

That is how I got to Kapit. Next post will be about the school. Better check it out!

Thanks for reading.



  1. hai pengetua! :)

    nice view there!

    Enjoy School :)

  2. hai! thanks2. nnt jemput dtg ke skolah ek. :)

  3. Welcome to Kapit!
    hahaha~~ Looks like a P3 for you!

    Get to know the people there. They are nice & most probably naive.
    You can do A LOT there. Get creative. Learn. Grow. Make mistakes. And most importantly find a way to enjoy what you do.

    All the best! =)

  4. Thnks bro. They are nice and learning their language is very exciting. once i speak iban with them, the whole school thought I'm one of them and then, everything is in iban. hahahhaa. got them to use proper english and that's awesome. like my students always use "Oh my god! cigou faris datai!"

  5. cool! ^^
    selamat menjalankan tugas mendidik anak bangsa bro!
    can't wait to

  6. Hi,i am one of the student SKOT.Please add my facebook Jackie Anak Amar