Saturday, 23 June 2012

From Bees and News


I thought it was a leaf but it isn't
Hi. I have mentioned in my previous post that every day in SKOT is a new day with new challenge. Now the danger has risen to a whole new level.

The room I'm staying last time are occupied by a swarm of honey bees and I gonna tell you once. These bees are always angry and I'm always their victims. Well. After being attacked by them on the morning of 21st, I didn't feel any pain. Seriously. But the consequences comes afterwards where my body started to get itchy after a while.

Now, while writing this blog, my body is still itchy. Even hot ointment is not working anymore. Damn. But hey. At least I'm immune from those bees.

Apart from the bees, I also made it into the news (KOSMO! 16th May 2012). You can read it here.

Shot of the page
Well. Next week will be Teacher's Day celebration in my school. Hope I'll get well enough to carry out the awesome duty as the MC.

See you next time.



  1. rama2 tu ada rupa kerepek pisang

  2. Awesome! There needs to be more features on teachers & more promotion of great teachers.
    We need to inspire the new generation to take up the challenge of teaching & teaching to make a difference.