Monday, 18 June 2012

Daily Schedule in School

40kg food that will last around two weeks

Imagine what would you do when you are teaching in the jungle. Yes. There's a no-no for everything. Here's a bit of what I did.

0700 - 0720
Woke up. Prepare myself and head for class

0720 - 1330
Go for class. With some occasional return for breakfast or toilet etc.

1330 - 1500
Either I sleep or carry out my work on RPH, Test Papers and ect.

1500 - 1700
Training and playing with students. Sports like volleyball are the students favourite.

1700 - 2000
Rest and get myself ready. Get the dirty clothes done.

2000 - 0000
I sleep. Yes. That is normal.

0000 - 0600
Get connected to the net. Facebook, blogs, key-in students marks in SAPS, email and others. The only time I'm feeling alive. Hahahaha....

0600 - 0700
Took a nap for a while.

There you go. What I normally do on normal days. Weekends will be quite different. Having fun in the river or taking shots of those exotic critters is a routine for me.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Yeah. A quicknote for everyone. I changed my blog's name from happydailypost to fromuktouk as I won't be posting stuff on a daily basis like before. It's difficult getting connected here.


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  1. You should think of a name that will be your 'brand' & keep it for life.

    Kudos to you bro. You have it so much worse than I do but you're showing what you are made of & you're making a difference every passing day.