Friday, 12 August 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Gingerbread Update Review


Hi to all. I've just rooted and update my Tab to Android 2.3.3 (P1000DXJPE) Gingerbread and I've notices a lot of difference compared to the Froyo version. Let me make this short and simple so you guys won't fret over it.

- You will notice that the top slidebar slides down smoother without much lag.
- New widget (date, time and/or weather)
- New icon for browser
- New download apps
- New apps: Pulse. Some sort of news apps.
- New apps: Sketch Memo. A memo where you can write down using your finger.
- New apps: Social Hub. You can find that on Samsung Wave. Basically view your social network accounts.
- When you use screen capture, you will notice that there is like a flash effect on the screen.
- Clock have new styles and when you are setting the alarm, it looks a bit better
- Calculator has better interface
- Task manager: RAM menu has no Level 1 or 2 anymore. Only Clear Memory is there.

As an overall, there have been slight improvement over the performance of the Tab. Less lag than before. I've never experience any problems over the use if Wi-fi and Bluetooth. I guess connectivity have improve a lot since I've suffered from drop out a few times with Froyo.

Hope that gives you enough details before you decided on updating your device.


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