Saturday, 20 August 2011

Digital Recording Binoculars from Sony


Yes. You've heard it right. Its a binoculars. And it records stuff. Damn it Sony. You're pushing this too damn far.

Alright. This video-recording binoculars is equipped with great features that I believe some of us will really use this junk to sneak upon babes changing their clothes! Just kidding. Here are some of the highlighted features of this piece of junk. Erm... I mean gadget.

- 1399USD for the price
- 1080p HD video
- 7.1MP still photo
- 3D video capture
- Dual f/1.8-3.0, 0.5-10x optical zoom lens
- a pair of 1,277-dot viewfinder
- Memory Stick Duo and SDXC support
- Stereo microphones with audio input jack
- HDMI out

Yeah. Great price for a great junk... I mean binoculars.

Anyhow, you can start saving you payment now so you can sneak up and peep on you neighbour doing something private. I'm just saying. It's absolutely up to you on how you do it.



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