Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow in Plymouth


It's rare for Plymouth to experience snow but since the last two years, it is like a dream comes true.

A shot that was featured in my Daily Photo #23 showed the second day of snow in Plymouth. But it was washed away by the sun's ray in the morning.

However, at 0135 today, snow starts pouring nonstop. I got some footage as well as some shots from my window. The time for the picture below is 0306.

It is expected to be more snow in several hours, so I keep myself awake to get a shot at the scene.

At 0355, the snow starts filling Plymouth again. It's the second wave after the first one at 0135. Here's the shot of it.

As of 0400, snow still continues to pour and I assume that this will continue until sunrise.

Now is 0900 and we can see the result of the downpour. Here is a shot at 0900.

And not to forget the video report of the snow.

That's all for now, thanks for watching.


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