Friday, 4 January 2013

Something Different

 I decided to do something different for my blog starting this year. Since I will only be getting out once a week/month, I would spend my time writing about whats happening around me in the extreme environment.

2nd day at school - (3rd Jan 2013) - 1259
I woke up late today. Everything seems boring a usual. Thought of going for some shooting but realised that i got tonnes of work up my sleeves. Yes. I'm the year 6 homeroom teacher. I guess i was assign to this as some might find me annoying. Last year i got a lot of chance to get out of school for stuff like PSKPP, courses and much more. Maybe some envy me and try to keep me in school. I don't mind being a homeroom teacher. Feels like i'm having my own kid. Got up cleared everything and getting the timetable done. Realised that i'm missing so many groceries especially foodstuff. Gonna get them next week because i'm not going out this week. currently, i'm watching Yakitate Japan! for the...i dont know how many times. There's no students in my school except for a few. Thierry, Sabrina, Jeshua and Geloria are some that made it. There's no sign of others. Maybe they'll reach here next week. I printed a lot of pictures . Just to ensure that my printer in is good working conditions. The ink is still 3/4 so i guess it will last for a while. I'm a homeroom teacher so I hope that my students will behave or I'll smash their heads again (just kidding :p). There's nothing to be done here except formal duties. However, being a homeroom teacher will be tiresome. Well, i'm in my second year of teaching. I guess there's no turning back. It will be a year before i head back to my hometown. Wish me luck.

Update at 2245:
I realised that at one time while waiting at KRV Inn in Kapit, i was stung by something at the near end of my spine. But when i check everything in my shirt, there was exactly nothing. The pain is nearly the same as a bee sting but i really can't be sure of anything (i hope its not one of those black magic shit). Up until now, that part is swelling up and the pain is still there. I've been stung by most of the insect and i can differentiate each of them  based on the pain it delivered. But i couldn't identify this one. Its still a mystery and horrific experience for me..


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