Friday, 11 January 2013

New Things

7th January 2013

"Sejenis buah mata kucing". Locals called it "buah isau"
Waiting for our ride in the middle of the jungle

Yesterday, on our way to school, one of the hilux's types were punctured. we had to fix it before continuing our journey to school. We were delayed for two hours due to the incident.
Back to school, the first day was hazy. I'm not sure what to do. So I got the textbooks for my year 6 and carried out my lesson according to the timetable given. There's 4 students in my year 6; Juna, Sara, Jeshua and Linsa. Also, in my year 5 there's Geloria, John, Sabrina, Eliana & Gebrella. Gebrella is a new girl in SKOT. Last time she was in SK Lepong Gaat. After my first encounter with her, i find her to be quite good in English compared to the others in her class. Well, that's a good sign. I hope for the best.

Mr. Irwan fixing the wheel
p/s: Its one in the morning and I couldn't sleep! Damn! Nescafe and afternoon nap might be the cause for this! However, being unable to sleep, I tried to be productive by typing out my lesson plan. And yeah. I've made a macro diffuser for my flash so I will be able to take macro shots easier.

8th January

My macro diffuser was put into test in the morning. I never would have thought that it would work great. I thought my custom made diffuser was as shitty as hell. But since I've made it based on my Tokina 100 macro length, it carried out its job perfectly. Class? My macro session was done after my class of 0820-0920. I got another one (1040-1140) and a little photoshoot won't hurt. Got some great shots of several bugs around the school. There's also a ginormous spider under one of the houses here but I wouldn't dare going near it. A bite would kill. It was quite gloomy here during the day. Nearly the same as London but not as cold. There's also a lot of keringit (blood-sucking insect) in the afternoon. Its hot and humid so i guess those little guys really enjoy my blood as their lunch.

My macro setup. D7000, Tokina 100 Macro, YN560
After using Tokina 100 Macro, I realised that there are some issue concerning it. Some lens such as the Nikon 50mm 1.8D were quite able to maintain its sharpness even while using an extension tube to achieve greater magnification. However, the Tokina 100 Macro doesn't. The sharpness decreases after using extension tube which also hampers the user's vision. Therefore, I have to use the lens without any help of the extension tube. The results were quite amazing. Maybe I can try applying Raynox DCR-250 on Tokina 100 Macro and see if greater magnification can be achieve.

While taking macro shots around the school, I came across several dangerous types of spiders. According to one of the teachers here, the one that has a yellow butt is poisonous. But according to National Geographic, if the spider is big, it can kill.

10th January

My school got a new batch of table for teachers and its really big (I mean it). Everyone get the table into place and poof! A meeting up next. Got a meeting up today. I'm currently a year 6 teacher and in charge of the SBOA (School Based Oral Assessment). I'm not sure about the other stuff but these 2 are my mains concerns right now. Done with the documents regarding the curriculum and now waiting for the subjects' files.

Tomorrow I'm going out to get all the stuff needed for my school. And yeah. Its going to be the day I post this blog as well.

p/s: Now I'm stuck in Kapit. Missed the boat to Sibu.

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