Saturday, 27 April 2013

Me, Myself and I


Hi everyone. It have been quite a while since my last post. I am very busy at the moment and i rarely have time to sit down and get my blog done. So I'm here. Again. This time I will not talk about gadgets or technology stuff. Just about me. Once in a while.

I'm back being alone again. Though surrounded by friends, it feels empty. Felt sorry for my friends. I've been quite sensitive and quiet these days. Maybe its just a different situation for me. Please stop giving me lectures of advice. I've heard them all too much.

I really want to get married. I want to be normal. Get a wife. Get some kids. Own a house and a car. But my so-called normal life may be impossible. Let's not indulge in the past. What happened before is a lesson to be learnt.

Well, things in the present is quite boring for me. I went to school, eat & sleep. That's all the boring stuff I did. My family? They're doing fine. But I'm not going back anymore. I guess. I'll just bring them over to Borneo. Planning to get a house in Sabah. Regardless of the location. As long as I can call it home.

I'm being very confuse and tense nowadays. Even the content and paragraphing of this blog went haywire. I don't know which one to tell first or later. I just spill it all out. I played DOTA again after a few years. Luckily my skill is still there. Guess I must be pretty tense.

"Jodoh bukan urusan kita tapi usaha urusan kita."

Such words have been in my mind for so long I couldn't tell when. It basically means that we need to put it effort as well and not just relying on fate and destiny.

I'm lucky to have some crazy friends. I love them as much as myself.

Right now I'm putting on effort. Effort in which I might've known the result. Well, maybe because I've never come across such an honest person. The result might not be what I was wishing for but I will still put in the effort.

I am not wishing for the stars or the world. I never wished for everything. Because human have something called LUST and it is very difficult to contain. I only wished for a normal life. Like I've mentioned before. I might look like someone who would lust for gadgets, cameras and all those toys but actually it is not. I wished for a normal life. Period.

The quest to find the right one is very challenging. It's even more challenging with a heart full of scars. But sometimes in the quest for the right one, we never realized that the right one is always at our side. Being supportive in silent.

I hope things will turn out okay. I will try my best. Giving everything. Maybe I've been reading too much stuff until my brain got corrupted with information. I apologize.

Thanks for those who understands me.