Monday, 7 November 2011

Daily Photo #129


Here is a shot of Mount Kinabalu or Nung Nabalu stated by the locals, situated in Kundasang, Sabah. With the height of 4,092 metres above sea level, it is one of the mountains in the world where you can reach the peak without any climbing gears. Every October, there will be a race called Climbathon where participants will race to the peak and come down to the finish line. The total distance of Climbathon? 8km up, 8km down & 4km more. To make it worse, try to finish it within 4 hours and 30 minutes.

I've entered Climbathon this year and let me tell you this. It was heaven and hell at the same time. And its awesome. I managed to get to the summit within 2 hours but heading down gobble up my time as I fell twice and require some treatment. Despite that, I did finished the race within 4 hours & 21 minutes.

P/S: I believe the locals can go up and down Kinabalu in just 2 hours.


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