Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My 2011 Gadget Wishlist


Previously I put on a post about my wishlist (here) and now I have a new one as the last one got outdated pretty easily as technology move at a very fast rate these few years.

These are the gadgets that I really want to have despite their overly-expensive price. I love gadgets and its not a surprise for me to have one.

The first one on the list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Many of you might have wondered why I choose this piece of shit where people all across the globe condemned it. Well, here are a few of my own reasons.
- It is a tablet which is the cheapest compared to an iPad.
- It's running on Android which means it has all those funny widgets hanging around the homescreen. Compared to an iPad which shows nothing but icons.
- Its a MOBILE PHONE. A feature that iPad doesn't have.
- Small size and very portable.
Well, that's my reasoning. If you like it, you'll be like a G6. If not, GTFO.

The second on my wishlist is the Canon EOS 7D.
For this one, I'm not sure about the reasoning because I believe I will not be able to even own it. Freaking expensive and full of features, this DSLR is one of my favourite.
Don't ask when will I buy this piece of junk, I've got no money. Maybe I can have a lot if I sell my body to some rich girls (just kidding).

And number 3 is what-cha-ma-called-it Dyson Air Multiplier.
It is actually a bladeless fan which have 15 times more power than conventional fan. Isn't it interesting?
But I believe it is just a dream-that-will-definitely-won't-come-true.
After experiencing it for a while in London,  I believe it is a must-have item in every house in Malaysia. I wonder why it was mass produced in the UK? Its freaking cold right there. They should have made it in Malaysia.

That is the only three which is on my wishlist. And I believe it will stay as a dream. Having the honour to experience using them is already enough for me. If I ever get all those three, I might be the happiest gadget freak on the planet.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading my mumbling thoughts.

See you next time.


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